Monday, November 6, 2017

Pink Sweater + Shearling Jacket

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A couple of amazing things are happening here:

1. I am dressed. In something other than yoga pants. Alert the local news.

2. My makeup is done.

In other words, I'm acting like a normal human being. Which is somewhat remarkable, because guys, adjusting to rural life and what it does to your personal style is... an experience. It's hard. Especially as the weather has been getting colder. At least, it has been for me. My weekdays are typically usually split between home (which is very much in the woods right now), my "local" cafe (local being 35 minutes away), and the gym (also 35 minutes away... but conveniently 5 minutes from the gym!). And my weekends? Gloriously they've been spent hiking. But none of those things necessitate getting dressed in the cute sense. All this to say, I've been spending a shocking amount of time in yoga pants.

But guys, I'm so into this sweater (all of these sweaters this season, TBH), it's been a breath of fresh air for my closet. I'd been looking for a light pink pullover for awhile, ever since seeing the fluffy cashmere dream that J.Crew was selling, and this one ticks all the boxes: pullover, slightly loose and highly tuck-able. And bonus! A mock neck. Paired with a vintage fisherman's cap from MicknMarianne and a pair of vintage classic brown booties, it's perfect for these early November days when the weather is fluctuating between 40 and 60.


Ashley Woods said...

Um, can i just say these posts have been super relatable! I recently moved out to the country from the city and it's really nice to hear someone else going through such similar things (yoga pants, working remote, long drives). It's definitely an adjustment, but it's so beautiful and such a refreshing experience (I'll take watching deer any day over hearing my old nosy neighbors, lol!). Anyways, just wanted to say thanks for the awesome posts!

- Ashley (Black Crystals Jewelry)

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