Thursday, March 23, 2017

WORN: Vintage Overalls + Checkered Vans in Old City

 photo IMG_9553_zpstfnbynmt.jpg
 photo IMG_9552_zps9y4gwap8.jpg
 photo IMG_9551_zpst05nvcb6.jpg
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These photos were taken way back in spring, you know... late February? We were treated to a little preview of what's to come, right before a wallop of a snowstorm and bitterly cold weather that had been absent all winter. The warm weather was lovely, if somewhat alarming (global warming!) and a bit of a tease, but Chris and I made the most of it and wandered around Old City. We grabbed coffee at United By Blue and popped into Meadowsweet to say hi and have a look around. I've had these overalls for a few months now -- picked up from Caitlin of MickNMarianne when they were having a pop-up at Meadowsweet awhile back -- but just finally got around to mending the holes. I'm not opposed to holes in the bum, but my growing collection of vintage patches was begging to be put to use. I'm looking forward to bringing these overalls back out for warmer days and styling them with a monochrome top or maybe something cropped. For now, I'm digging the flared leg all cuffed up.

Vintage overalls from Meadowsweet/micknmarianne
Vintage Harley tee
Vans Classic Checkered slip on
Julia Canwright bag from Moorea Seal
Vintage patches


Olivia DiTomaso said...

Love those overalls!


The Littlest Smitten said...

Love this! You reminded me I need to start wearing old bear up checkered vans again.

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