Sunday, March 26, 2017

Here & There 3.26

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Happy sleepy Sunday, friends.How is your weekend so far? Mine went in an unexpected, yet wonderful, direction yesterday when I found out a friend and her family was in town. We grabbed coffee and walked a bit on 4th St, before parting ways. The weather was incredible! Spring looks like it's finally making an honest-to-goodness appearance around here -- the trees are budding, flowers are popping up -- I'm SO HAPPY. Why did this winter feel so especially rough? We barely had snow (maybe that's why - maybe I need this). Today I'm enjoying a very lazy start to my sunday, drinking coffee in bed while Zephyr snoozes on my legs. I have so much stuff to do, I'm actually feeling a little overwhelmed, but am trying to allow myself a few quiet moments before hitting the ground running. I have a date with the gym later today and then I'm helping a friend choose an outfit for a real date. xo

How amazing is this vintage shag sweater? Would be so cute for spring!

I'm getting so excited for the Twin Peaks revival! Loving the magazine covers and these Twin Peaks cast photos! (love this TP patch and mug, too!)

OMG these chubby cat planters are so damn adorable (and these nesting cloud dishes too?!)

Here's a photo of a bunch of old white guys deciding the fate of women's healthcare - fun! Also SUPER fun - the fact that their awful bill got pulled and the memes that came with it

The sweetest sneakers for spring

Seeing my body with fresh eyes

Would love to hang this pretty mirror in my place to remind me of home

How to live life with fantastic aliveness - MUST READ

This made me laugh and is so accurate - cat ladies unite!

This book is on my must-get list

This was touching

I can't get enough of this classic body oil - all of them smell like tropical heaven!

Meet Julia, Sesame Street's newest muppet, who is autistic (the considerations they made to create a muppet that accurately represented autism, which varies so widely, are incredible and so thoughtful)

My favorite candle right now

Cats are (adorable) demons

The funniest planters

Everyone needs cactus earrings


Sheila said...

Hey Julie! I follow you since loooong time ago and i LOOOVE your style. I wrote to you once in case I could meet you in Philly. I live now in DC. I would love to film a little movie about you. Let me know!

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