Saturday, March 18, 2017

Here & There 3.18

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Happy weekend, friends! Did you go out for St. Patrick's Day? It's my least favorite holiday of all and yet somehow I found myself at a bar last night. Wah wah. After tending to my subsequent headache this morning (but seriously, I had two drinks and some seltzer -- I'm officially old) I met up with a friend for breakfast before vegging out on the couch -- something I almost never do during the day, I'm watching Underground right now - have you see it? -- and later heading to the gym. On top of my regular workouts, this month I'm doing Yoga With Adriene's 30 Day Yoga Challenge and it's been pretty amazing. My new goal is to just continue it - yoga every day in 2017! Tomorrow we're going out for breakfast (diner breakfasts are my favorite thing - diners forever) and running a few errands. Philly is drizzly and snowy, I'm counting down the days 'till summer!

My girl Jess is having a 3-day sale! I'd definitely snatch up this incredible vintage Mexican wedding dress!

How rad is this New Wave tarot deck?

29 pictures that show how insane '70s disco really was (Grace Jones forever)

Free People sale is on sale! Save an extra 25% off - this cute embroidered top is going right into my cart

Well this is adorable

Le Labo + The Laundress? I bet this smells INCREDIBLE

These photos are WILD

So many cute jewelry pieces! Love this chic choker.

Kind of obsessed with this tropical bag

We've all been there

Feminist (and feminist af)

Love these gorgeous handmade earrings (these are cool too)

YUM - definitely want to make this vegan fudge

Minimalist shoes for spring

How to spend $100 at Trader Joes

On my wishlist: New workout gear! My old leggings are worn. out.

Maple syrup forever!!!