Monday, January 19, 2015

Life... Behind the Scenes 1

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What life looks like for me lately. Lots of wandering, attempts at beating the cold, discovering more hidden corners of Philly. Always seeking balance, seeking restfulness, and an escape from the winter doldrums. 

+ I tried putting Glee on as background noise and it. is. unbearable. Back to The Gilmore Girls it is.

+ I've devoted this month to getting our place in proper order and about 85% of it feels great. We bought some new plants: a cat-friendly snake plant and a little bamboo, which seems to have come with a sign on it that says "Zephyr Eat Me." Pure feline destruction... the other 15% of our apartment, however, is a disaster.

+ I am finally (finally!) getting back into a fitness routine and it feels so, SO good! Oh how my now-limp muscles missed being worked. I feel like I am slowly getting back to myself after a few months of being in a strange headspace.

+ I'm missing the funeral of a good friend's father this week and I'm feeling upset about it. We got to see him over the holidays, but when something like this happens the realities of being far from family (and "family") is put in stark reality. 

+ Someone stole a bunch of stuff from my brother's car this weekend, judging by what they took, they likely needed it (sleeping bags, coats, etc.), but the thing is, my brother needed that stuff too. It just bums me out.

+ The Kiki Smith engagement gift bit in Gilmore Girls? Yeah, I totally wouldn't turn my nose up at "Wolf Girl".

+ I'm in love with the Narnia murals on the 4th Street Milk & Honey windows. One of my favorite book series.

How is life for you lately? 


Mashe said...

like you blog!

heather gilmour said...

Where did you find these gorgeous window decorations?
I'm sorry to your brother's stuff, hope they'll find the thief.

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Anonymous said...

I think I've been going through the same sort of mental fog lately. Glad to hear you're pulling yourself out of it too. :-)

I've been eyeballs deep in job hunting lately, but now that I'm at the "Throw your resume out there and wait" point, I'm trying to find ways to enjoy my time off a little. I know whenever I get back to work, I'm not going to have time to do much for fun, so for now...I get to read for fun, paint my nails, and try to keep a positive mindset. :-)

Have a great rest of your week!

Nikki Williams said...

yay gilmore girls is the best! and love that hat!

xx nikki

Hailey Cox said...

Love Gilmore Girls! I'm sad because I already watched all the seasons and there's nothing else good to watch :'(

Rita said...

Your photography is still amazing! I haven't visit your blog in a while, so good to come back! I'm sorry for your brother, when it happens to ourselves we quite don't believe it but I do believe that "what life takes with one hand gives with the other!". I'm in a dapting phase too, so it's nice to read it about it here, transitions can be so difficult specially for someone like me who always wants to know the results before starting something new :)

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