Saturday, January 24, 2015

Here & There 1.24

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Guys, remember summer? Yeah... me too. BUT hey, it finally snowed (sort of - turned to rain and slush) last night. In terms of winter Saturdays, today was a pretty good one: experienced my first URBN sample sale (bananas), went to brunch with some friends, cleaned my apartment, and now I'm sitting here watching Friends. It's so cheesy, but I think I like it... and I think it's kind of funny? Maybe this sort of day sounds mundane, but for a rainy day, it was perfect. Chris comes home tonight from spending the week in New Hampshire, and I can't wait! My birthday is this week and we have a full day planned tomorrow. What are you up to this weekend?

Excited to welcome The Awkward Blog as a partner - this Japanese cheesecake recipe looks amazing!

Love this handmade scarab necklace

Yoga doesn't care -- this should be posted in every studio!

Love these over the knee socks

I think I might want to go blonde?

So obsessed with the new Alexa Chung x AG collection - those overalls!

The real deal with Mercury Retrograde

This cardigan is perfection. This one too.

made me laugh - that voice over!

Save an extra 40% off sale items at J. Crew! I've had my eye on these for awhile

Love these sweet little mugs

Yum - these look incredible

My favorite bra is one sale - seriously so comfortable. This one is cute too

The secret problems of other couples (this is an interesting site)

The perfect sneakers for spring and summer - those leopard print ones!

Cute long-haired boys

What a perfect dress for summer

5 Tips for Winter Running

The cutest little backpack

When work takes over your life

Guilt-free Valentine's treats

One of the best books I've read in awhile

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Jeanne said...

Great picks!

Angela B said...

Thanks Julie! So happy to be on your sidebar this month! 😄

Nikki Williams said...

happy almost birthday!
xx nikki

erika wynn said...

Love your links. Especially 'Yoga Doesn't Care'.

Erika from Utah

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