Monday, November 10, 2014

A Walk Around The Wissahicken

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Our hiking plans for the past few weekends have been thwarted by one thing or another. Car trouble, waking up late. General unpreparedness. We had big plans to drive further North, but ended up on a low-key ramble around the woods of the Wissahicken. Not exactly the all-day hike I was looking for, but gorgeous in the late-autumn sun nonetheless. My Amazon cart is now brimming with hiking and outdoor guides for Eastern Pennsylvania, because there is always next weekend.

I'm happy it's finally hat weather. Makes covering up the mess on my head all the easier, and thanks to Lyndsay from The Seam Designs, I can finally stop stealing Chris' red beanie. Because I'm in complete and total love with this one. Red hats, they're the best, right? Even better with a pom pom. I have another outfit post for this week featuring it, proving that red is far more versatile than one might think.


Liz Lauren said...

love this!

giveaway on my blog!

Jeanne said...

Stunning outfit! I love your beanie!
You look amazing!

Sarah Von Spook said...

Looks beautiful! And I love the hat! :)

Allie said...

Loving the beanie!

Josephine Choo said...

lovely and beautiful scenery!! i adopted my hiking love through your blog..unfortunately,one of my fav hiking area had being shut down for little rocks,girl

xo josephine c.

Maddie Toy said...

this makes me miss fall in PA <3 lovely photos!!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

such gorgeous pictures!

Unknown said...

I JUST ordered that beanie last week!!!! I looks so cute! I love her shop! I seriously want everything there.

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