Sunday, September 21, 2014

Currently + Here & There 9.22

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Oof. Coming off a real long week last week but a really great, productive weekend. Currently:

Sorting through a ton of outfit pics that I took but haven't had time to post. I've been attempting to reach some sort of balance in my life lately, which has proven to be a bit of a struggle. I still love blogging, but sometimes it feels so great to just not be on the internet.

Anticipating the autumnal equinox. Chris and I pretty much spent all of Sunday cleaning and organizing and our place feels so good and ready for the new season. I can't wait for fall.

Working on being kinder to myself. It kind of blows my mind how different of an experience this move was compared to when we moved to Pittsburgh. In a lot of ways it was easier -- an easier transition, an easier season to move in -- but mentally, well, I've been rough on myself these past couple of months and I've been working on quieting my inner critic

Watching a lot of old movies on Netflix and Hulu. After watching the new T.V. version of From Dusk Till Dawn, I finally watched the original and was reminded of how much I love Quentin Tarantino movies.

Looking forward to my mom coming to visit this weekend! She'll be our first house guest in our new place and I can't wait for her to see it, and to show her our favorite Philadelphia spots.

Happy about finally getting out running again. I missed it! And running is so much better when it's not a million degrees.

Wearing: Above - Tee, Slip (similar), Jacket: Vintage // Sandals: Zara (similar - on sale!) // Necklace: Free People.

A few more things that caught my eye:
 photo WeekendWishlist922_zps279ebc69.jpg

// Black Crystals just added new styles to the shop and I'm in love. This opal moon necklace is gorgeous. Save 15% w/code "orchidgrey"

// Loving this cute tan crop top from Wolf Mama Vintage. Save 15% w/code "orchidgrey"

// An adorable dress for fall from Melissa Hojnacki.

// How I'll be honoring the autumnal equinox. What are your plans?

// 25 famous women on not having children. Word.

// The best (and most interesting) Wikipedia article.

// An adorable skirt for fall (wouldn't it be cute with a fuzzy grey sweater?)

// High school girls can be brutal, but they can also be great.

// 3 fall outfits inspired by my favorite films.

// I would love to visit this place.


Liz Lauren said...

love this look

Joanna. said...

I love the accessories on this look. You can pull off anything!

Laura Neal said...

Oh there are some jewels of links in here, thank you Julie. It is always so nice to see your posts pop up on my feed but I totally get the enjoying no internet thing. I've just moved recently too and I think trying to settle into a new place needs too much focus on the real world around you for a while to get wrapped up in blogging again. As for being harsh on yourself, I hope this helps a little - Since you started writing the free people blog, I have found myself drawn to the posts without even knowing. From titles linked somewhere, to photos on pinterest, everywhere and each time I have smiled at the fact that it is you creating that content and doing it so well! I have never read any of their things before and you've made it pretty magnetic- beautiful, ethereal and authentic. You're doing great :)
Chambray & Curls /

Nikki Williams said...

that free people dress is stunning!


Tamara said...

I am loving those Zara shoes!! I know what you mean about needing time away from the internet and finding balance. It's hard sometimes.


Anonymous said...

I love your outfit (the tee is perfect and I love the slip/skirt) and I'm glad you're feeling good about so many things (autumn, running, the move, ...). I was wondering though, why did you guys move? Was it mainly to be closer to your family? Have you changed jobs?

Orchid Grey said...

@veryveronique: Thank you! We moved for a lot of reasons, but mostly because I got a new job. You can read more about it here: but I hope to do a post soon that talks a little more about our decision :)

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