Monday, September 22, 2014

Autumnal Goals

It's strange that fall is officially here. Since we moved, the days and weeks have been flying by at an alarming rate, and as much as I've anticipated this new season, it's hard to believe summer is already past. I've mentioned more than once how excited I am to transition into a new season, summer was wonderful, but it was also marked by a fair amount of disruption and for most of it I felt mentally disorganized. Along with anticipating cooler weather, I've also just needed a tangible transition to help me change my mindset, of both myself and my surroundings. That sounds like I don't like Philadelphia and that's not what I mean ... what I mean is that I'm ready to stop feeling like a tourist in my own town and maybe put a little more effort into connection.

The equinox, especially the autumnal equinox, is a time to seek balance, and that's exactly what I intend to do this year. What I need to do. It's always struck me as funny -- really sort of counter intuitive -- that our busiest season, whether it's with work, school, social calendars, etc is a time when the earth is putting itself to bed and allowing itself to rest. Why don't we do the same? I'm pretty good at taking care of myself physically, but it's become clear these past few months that I also need to practice better self care when it comes to my mental well-being. I need to take the time.

I recently wrote about the idea of "taking time" for work, and someone left a comment that really stuck with me. Basically, it boils down to: Devote an hour each day to your own personal wellness. It's such a simple idea, but one that easily gets lost in the fray. "Wellness" can mean anything, really, that you do for yourself, reading, working out, volunteering ... whatever. Unfortunately it's an idea that has been a bit lost to me lately. On this (almost) equally balanced day I'm making the resolution to seek balance in my life this season.


Nikki Williams said...

love the idea of setting aside an hour a day!


By The Shore, Life + Style said...

Firstly, that photo is magic Julie!! And a big, YES, to these goals. I feel like I've finally started to find balance in my life and it's become one of my main priorities in everything I do. Happiest fall to you lovey!! xo

The Suburb Experiment said...

One of the things helping me make the transition this year is preparing the house for winter. Putting extra quilts on the beds, putting out snuggly furs on chairs, etc. It helps make me feel like my home is a cozy nest. Summer is so short and crazy busy here it's nice to prepare for relaxing. I hope you find your balance!

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