Monday, July 21, 2014

This Weekend

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This weekend we:
1. Went to the farmer's market in Rittenhouse Square and bought a huge bouquet of flowers.
2. Signed the lease for our new place, which looks out onto a little park and will be within biking distance to my office.
3. Walked to Jinxed on South Street.
4. Walked home.
5. Walked back to South Street to meet up with friends at Tattooed Moms (thank you all for the recommendation).
6. Got tipsy.
7. Woke up late, grabbed coffee from Joes, and watched dogs in the park (creeping on other people's dogs is my new favorite hobby. Chris's too.)
8. Drove to the Fishtown location of Jinxed, bought a camera (found a roll of used film in it!).
9. Burnt butter on the stove in our hotel room and smoked up the entire floor, which we're dealing with now. Cooking in a hotel room really isn't ideal.

... Oh, and we watched The Pizza Underground play on Friday night surrounded by really excited college students. We felt old. But it was still fun/funny for a little while, until all I wanted to do was listen to Lou Reed not sing about pizza. And I was carded for cigarettes today (not for me, I don't smoke, never have), which should have made me feel young, but mostly made me feel inconvenienced because I didn't have my ID and somehow made me feel older.


Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

great photos! sounds like a fabulous weekend!

Thistle Jones said...

It's so exciting to get to explore your new home with you! I loved this post.

mel said...

as a long-time follower of your blog and a philadelphian, i loved this post! congrats on your move and welcome to philly.

Nikki Williams said...

yay! so glad you're loving your new city!


Deanna Forte said...

That Tina drawing is the thing of my dreams! Super funny. Looks like you had a cute weekend! And one time my mom burnt popcorn in a hotel room and set the entire fire alarm off for the building... so smoking the whole floor can't be too bad in comparison. ;P
Deanna | Curly Top

Gabriela said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend! I have a few friends who went to Pizza Underground as well, and it sounds like it was such a fun time!

Marie said...

dog creeping! love it.
Marie @ In Our Happy Place

heather gilmour said...

You've done so much just for one weekend! Great! Congrats for a new place, I'm waiting for pictures :)
Office cleaners Chelsea

Anonymous said...

Glad you're getting out and about in your new city already! Loving that pic of Maculy playing the tambourine. Thanks again for all the Pittsburgh recs! We had a great time and I will be posting a Daytripper post soon.

XO Alison

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