Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Magic Garden

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These photos were taken on our second day in Philadelphia, since then I've become completely enamored with the Magic Gardens and their corresponding murals throughout the city. We've been spending most weekends and evenings after work walking around and strolling down unexplored side streets. It's kind of my favorite thing right now. When I leave the hotel we're currently calling home, I know I'll miss walking out the door and having so much right there. But I'm excited, too, to have our own space again, to look out on to a park, and to get to know a new neighborhood in a different part of Philadelphia. Life is exciting.

This outfit is a long-time favorite, a go-to for casual days when I want to feel more dressed up, though it's never made it to the blog before. I grabbed this skirt off an IG sale last summer, and I love the volume and pattern, it lends itself so easily to a variety of color pairings.

Get the look: Vintage Skirt: Mikasa Su Casa IG sale // Necklace: Avalon Exc. (similar) // Sandals: Seychelles (c/o) // Bag: Thrifted (similar)// Stamped bracelet: Thrifted (similar) // Skinny Bracelet: Studebaker Metals // Crop: Aeropostale (c/o)


Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

so gorgeous! that crop top looks amazing on you!!

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

I love how simple, yet eye-catching this outfit is. I love those Magic Gardens, too!

Nikki Williams said...

love this! that skirt is beautiful!


Emily Baker said...

awesome!! loving your style these days, girl ;) said...

So cute! Crop top + full skirt = flawfree always <3

Liz Lauren said...

really great necklace

Deanna Forte said...

Public Service Announcement:
Your skirt game is on point.
Deanna | Curly Top

Yelena said...

Glad to see you're really enjoying the city. I feel like the writing really conveys your excitement about living here and that's great because Philly is great!

Tamara said...

Love the skirt!

Kate Lokker said...

I have to say that I love everything about this post! It makes me feel as if you're in the heart of Spain from the outfit to the colors and the mural. Love, love, love :)


Sasa Zoe said...

Love the skirt:)

Kate Watson said...

LOVE the way you do your hair with the loose waves with that length. How do you do it?!

maddie dore said...

Love this look. Amazing x Maddie

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