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Announcing: Lulu's Style Studio at NYFW!

 photo -1_zps2c4305d2.jpg

Calling all bloggers! LuLu*s is throwing a styling event and wants YOU to be there! Join Lulu's for an exciting Fashion Week event in the heart of NYC! Set at the beautiful 404, this event, Style Studio, will feature tons of free LuLu*s merchandise in 5 of the hottest styles: The Bohemian, Edgy, The Bombshell, Sweetheart and Uptown Prep! Follow our Style Map to lead you to your fashion destination, where you will get the opportunity to discover your personal look! Everyone takes home a special piece! With giveaways, prizes, food, drink, and more, this will be a fun-filled fashion event to remember!

Where? 404 NYC
404 10th Ave, ( between 32nd and 33rd st )
New York, NY 10001

When? Saturday, February 9th 2012
6 PM to 10 PM

How? It's free to attend! Link to to register:

Will you be in New York for NYFW? I wish I could make it this year, but will be following along from the comfort of Pittsburgh. Anyways, the Lulu's event was super fun last year, so if you'll be in town, I hope you can make it! Say 'hi' to the Lulu's ladies for me!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The 27th

Orchid Grey 1/27-1 photo OrchidGrey_January272013-1_zps3b7d9af3.jpg
Orchid Grey 1/27-2 photo OrchidGrey_January272013-2_zps45d1318d.jpg
Orchid Grey 1/27-3 photo OrchidGrey_January272013-3_zpsdb0d0dc6.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_January272013-10_zpsa4bd2a11.jpg
Orchid Grey 1/27-7 photo OrchidGrey_January272013-7_zps76b0d96d.jpg
Orchid Grey 1/27-8 photo OrchidGrey_January272013-8_zps66f27060.jpg
Orchid Grey 1/27-6 photo OrchidGrey_January272013-6_zps9c30ccb3.jpg
Orchid Grey 1/27-5 photo OrchidGrey_January272013-5_zps4ea1ba54.jpg
Orchid Grey 1/27-4 photo OrchidGrey_January272013-4_zps7a4408af.jpg
What I wore:
Coat: BB Dakota (2011)
Scarf: KVT Knits via giveaway (2010)
Hat: Target ($2 sale)
Dress: Free People ($30 sale)
Tights: Free People ($9 sale)
Boots c/o Lulu's
Bag: Vintage Coach/ Thrifted ($5)
Bracelet: Thrifted ($2)
Necklaces: gift & flea market gem

Where I wore it: On a birthday date to the Natural History Museum

Sunday was my birthday. I'm 29, which is wild. I used to get pretty uncomfortable about people making a big deal about my birthday, but well, I got over it. Bring on the cake and gifts. On Sunday, Chris and I put our Carnegie Museums membership to use and spent the day wandering through the hall of gems and admiring some dramatic taxidermy scenes (a lion attacking a camel? bring it on.) at the Natural History Museum. I wore this dress, which I picked up on a Saturday sale-shopping date with myself. It's pretty much the perfect weekend dress because it feels like pajamas.

I must have looked pretty good too, because a little girl goosed me as I walked through the dinosaur exhibit.

Lookbook: Maison Scotch

 photo maison-lookbook25_zps206bb49f.jpg
 photo maison-lookbook22-1_zpsc71d3cc4.jpg
 photo maison-lookbook30_zps31bf9bb1.jpg
 photo maison-lookbook29_zpsdefc17fa.jpg
 photo maison-lookbook14_zpsd0439ac8.jpg
All images via Maison Scotch

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Weekly Wishlist & Friday Favoritest

 photo OrchidGrey_Outfit_zps9d073ca6.jpg
1. Spotted Moth bunting necklace 30% off everything w/ the code "LOVEIT30"
2. Collide Boutique baseball tee take 10% off w/ the code "ORCHID10"
3. Ruche daisy sweater
4. POPBasic Twist Necklace
5. Lagelle vintage jewelry box
6. InfinEight spar necklace
7. Moorea Seal Jewelry beaded necklace take 15% off w/ the code "ORCHID15"
8. American Apparel leather everyday bag
9. To Be Determined vintage leather boots
10. Bluesville, USA blue jumpsuit take 15% off w/ the code "orchidgrey"
11. Lulu's grey studded sweater
Will you be in NYC on February 9th? Lulu's is hosting their NYFW Style Studio from 6 to 10pm. For more info, and to reserve your free ticket go here.

Just a few things I'm loving this week, although to tell you the truth I'm dreaming more of decorating my apartment more than decorating myself. I think Ikea therapy is in order.

A few more things I'm loving this week:
// Cute and classic boat sneakers from Adventurer Vintage 10% off w/ the code "INSTALOVE"
// The most beautiful boots from Yeye Vintage boutique  20% off w/ the code "yeyelovesorchid"
// Loving this unique gold ring from Pantheia
// A pretty agate necklace from Forest Lass
// Loving these vintage pants from Velouria Vintage 15% off w/ the code "ORCHIDVTG"
// A cozy faux-fur scarf 
// Two things I love: ABBA & adoptable animals 
// The cutest valentines sweatshirt 
// Cat etiquette 
// The most beautiful jeans 
// Loving these fringed boots 
// Can't get enough of Jen's beautiful family portraits
// The perfect summer shift
// And a cute denim pinafore
  Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Six Degrees

Orchid Grey 1/24- 5 photo OrchidGrey_January242013-5_zps0845482e.jpg
Orchid Grey 1/24- 4 photo OrchidGrey_January242013-4_zps8e2c9925.jpg
Orchid Grey 1/24- 3 photo OrchidGrey_January242013-3_zps6871f88b.jpg
Orchid Grey 1/24- 2 photo OrchidGrey_January242013-2_zps416df7bb.jpg
Orchid Grey 1/24- 1 photo OrchidGrey_January242013-1_zpsa43f042f.jpg
What I wore: 
Sweater: J.Crew
Dress: Vintage/ Beacon's Closet ($18)
Lace top c/o Lulu's
Tights: American Apparel Super Opaque ($25)
Boots c/o Lulu's
Bracelet: Thrifted ($2)
Bag: Vintage Coach/ Thrifted ($7-ish)

Where I wore it: to the office

Let me start by saying: this outfit is not practical. at. all. I know that. Tuesday was one of those hurried mornings that resulted in me throwing on an outfit that I had stored away in my brain, with no thought given to the fact that it was six degrees out. Whoops. Needless to say, my hair didn't exactly make it "in" to the outfit, which is fine because it spent the rest of the day buried beneath a hat (I had a puffy coat and moccasins close by too, for the drive to and from work). January has finally shown it's true colors, and those colors are cold. Sometimes it's nice to be able to escape the cold to my warm office, but I've spent this whole week daydreaming about hibernation.

Inspired By: Vogue 1929

 photo 170996117073496152_u3FCnt6i_c_zps866652c9.jpg
Charlotte Babcock Brown photographed by Edward Steichen, Vogue, January 1929

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Brunch Baby

 photo OrchidGrey_January232013-1_zps1849bfd0.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_January232013-2_zpsfb3e607a.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_January232013-3_zpse5125f58.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_January232013-5_zpsa2378b1f.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_January232013-4_zpsd6d147cf.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_January232013-8_zps272eb2f9.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_January232013-6_zpsbce5ce3a.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_January232013-7_zps2d247292.jpg
What I wore:
Coat: Ichi via ModCloth
Sweatshirt: Rachel Antonoff via ModCloth (find it here)
T-shirt: Target ($8)
Jeans: J.Crew sale ($10 old)
Sneakers: Nike Dunk Sky Hi ($120)
Hat: Brixton (from Chris)
Black & gold bracelet c/o Lulu's
Gold chain bracelet: Thrifted ($2)
Bag: Vintage Coach/ Avalon ($22)

Where I wore it: Sunday brunch

Lately it seems the only thing we're capable of accomplishing on Sundays is brunch. And maybe a little window shopping. There are always grand plans of hitting up a museum or going for a hike, but when it comes down to it, Sundays in January are meant for brunch and not much else, at least to us.

So this is what I wore on a freezing cold day to eat good food. It has been incredibly freezing the past few days, making me thankful that I finally purchased a puffy coat this year. I've been wearing iterations of this outfit on and off over the past week, always with my two new obsessions: this sweatshirt and these sneakers. When all is said and done I'm a creature of comfort- I like jeans, and sneakers, and sweatshirts, and comfy t-shirts, and if left to my own devices I revert pretty quickly to my old ways.

Vintage Babe: Eartha Kitt

 photo 159596380516823393_NiG27nSf_c_zps3d319af3.jpg
Eartha Kitt photographed by Gordon Parks via

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Necessary Accessories

 photo OrchidGrey_January222013-4_zpsb21e300b.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_January222013-1_zpsdd8ee2b1.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_January222013-3_zps5b8e5e0b.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_January222013-2_zpscf3e8c44.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_January222013-7_zpsafefeeb8.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_January222013-6_zpsfcb0d4c0.jpg
 photo OrchidGrey_January222013-5_zpsa9fc9834.jpg
Photos by Christen
In this outfit:
Sweater: Thrifted ($1)
Skirt: Vintage/ TXSC Swap Lulu's
Tap Shorts c/o Ruche
Tights: American Apparel Super Opaque ($25)  
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell ($60 sale- 2010)
Bag: Vintage Coach/ Avalon ($20)

Where I wore it: To the office!

The last time I wore this skirt, I unintentionally flashed the grocery store parking lot, so this time around precautions were taken. Precautions in the form of red sequin hot pants. Big thanks to Christen who took my photos yesterday, for putting up with me awkwardly flashing her my shorts over and over again in order to get a not-entirely-awkward shot of them. It's been cold, cold, cold the past few days (it's six degrees right now), making the extra layer not only helpful in keeping me covered up, but also keeping me just a little bit warmer. 

Stay warm!

Lookbook: Dark Side of the Moon

 photo 8_zps851d3732.jpg
 photo 3_zps5d8245b8.jpg
 photo 4_zpsea095bd9.jpg
 photo 13_zps38464819.jpg
 photo 17_zpsaa8d2536.jpg
 photo 22_zpsf847e200.jpg
 photo 16_zpse4461e6d.jpg
All images ©Bona Drag

Are you dreaming of summer yet?