Monday, January 14, 2013

Over the Weekend: Maine in December

To those of you who might be reading from Pittsburgh, I think it's pretty clear these photos weren't taken this past weekend. No, just a few left over shots from our trip home to Maine back in December. On the morning of our departure, my mom and I took the dogs down to the pond, which was a perfectly frozen sheet of ice. It would have been perfect for ice skating if there had been time. We were lucky enough to have a perfectly snowy holiday- and a very snowy drive home- which makes me thankful for all-wheel drive and new tires. Each time we visit, it's a little harder to leave, especially when we know there's a 15 hour drive ahead of us.

This past weekend was the exact opposite of these snowy pictures, it was 70 degrees! I actually saw people walking around in shorts and summer dresses. Unseasonal weather freaks me out, and I was completely unproductive. How was your weekend?


Megan Colwell said...

It's simply gorgeous. We got some snow here in Kansas City, but not a whole lot. We don't expect more snow until February. Ugh. I miss it. You look lovely, too :)

Maya Bogaert said...

Ooh such a lovely scenery! I always love how much snow can soften a landscape and make it more magical. There has been some snow this weekend here in Belgium (Europe) but a very tiny bit, not even near as much as in those photo's. So jealous!

lauren, curious constellation said...

So jealous of this, I've never even experienced snow!

Anonymous said...

cute pics!
so romantic

sweet harvest moon said...

Beautiful! Snow days are my favorite!

Anonymous said...

How gorgeous!!! Makes me want to make a trip to Maine soon!



Heidi said...

70 degrees! I wish that's how it was here. It is about 2 degrees here and super icy. These pictures are beautiful. -Heidi

Heidi said...
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Jennifer said...

I am freezing just looking at the pictures of the snow! I am so spoiled in Cali... it is sunny and clear right now (but trust me, it's in the 30s!)

xo Jennifer

Velveteen Mint said...

These pictures are beautiful! I am shivering from just looking at the snow.

Maria Confer said...

Gosh, I miss new england so much. I really wish we had met in person while we were both living in the north shore!


Anonymous said...

I think you are a New England girl at heart.

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