Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Neutral Ground

What I wore: 
Cardigan: J.Crew outlet ($20 old)
Dress c/o Ruche
Belt: Thrifted/ Vintage ($2)
Tights: American Apparel ($25)
Sneakers: Nike Dunk Sky Hi ($120)
Bag: Thrifted/ Vintage ($7)
Bracelet: Thrifted ($2)
Lipstick c/o Radiant Cosmetics "Montana" worn with Urban Decay "Ozone" lip liner ($19)

Learn how to do this hairstyle!

Where I wore it: to the office

For the past few months, I've found myself drawn to make-up more than usual. I've had the same concealer-eyeliner-mascara routine for the past six years or so, rarely straying from that combination, and before that- save for some ill-advised phases during college (pink eyeshadow, yellow eyeshadow, cheap-o fuchsia lipstick)- I didn't wear make-up at all. Cosmetics have always been a bit of a mystery to me, a mystery that I didn't necessarily care to solve, clothes are more fun (and easier in my opinion). But, maybe due to the doldrums of winter, I have a new found interest, and one of my goals this month is to upgrade to better quality, cruelty free cosmetics.

Radiant Cosmetics was kind enough to send me a couple of tubes of their moisturizing lipstick to help bring awareness to their Kiss Slavery Goodbye campaign, and I couldn't be happier with it. Not only is Radiant supporting a worthy cause- with 20% of profits going to anti-human trafficking organizations- but their products are also cruelty free, ethically sourced, and ethically manufactured. January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month, and I am wearing Radiant's "Montana" shade, which is a nice, blushy pink. To read more about Radiant, go here.

A little bit about my outfit: After a few years of sky-high platforms, I've decided this year is going to be about sneakers for me (we'll see how long this lasts), and I am all about these Nike Dunk sneaker wedges. While I love them paired with a comfy dress and cardigan, what I'm really waiting for is summer- to wear them with cut-offs and a tee shirt. They run true to size- maybe a little big, I'm usually an 8/8.5, these are 8's- and are the most comfortable shoes ever.


Adrienne Scott-Trask said...

Great outfit!! I love how you've paired that style of sneaker with this look....you've made them look feminine! Super hard to do and You've totally accomplished it! I love it!
-Adrienne. xo


Jules said...

I love your dress!

Bethany said...

I'm in lust with them shoes... damn! I love the lipstick, too! I'm pretty shy about lipstick. I always worry it makes my teeth look dark (and they're naturally a little dark). Also the one time I tried to be brave and wear it to work, a guy here said "Why are your lips so pink today?" and I was thoroughly embarrassed!

☯ZERO STYLE☯ said...

makeup is so fun, i'm glad you're getting back into it! i love portland black lipstick co.'s lipcolors, they have really nice natural reds and plums. ps- if you ever do come to cleveland, let me know! we can go lipstick shopping. haha!

Lagelle said...

I luv that dress, it's such a great piece to transaction to Spring too <3


Maya Bogaert said...

Such a lovely dress! I love the matching belt to your colorful tights :) I'm always afraid to wear colorful tights but your example definitely proves me that I should try. Cute bag as well!

charity victoria said...

you're such a badass.

Jennifer said...

I've been in the same situation with makeup - except the difference with me is that I have no idea how to do it haha So I stick with my simple routine and just get really excited if I have a shoot or my sister offers to do my makeup ;)

xo Jennifer


Sydney said...

I love those sneakers! I am totally not a sneaker girl but those look great...especially with this dress, I never would have thought of that!

Tiff Ima said...

In love with the playfulness of this look.

That's so great what Radiant does. I live in a city where traffiking is high and my home town is an epicenter. The issue is so heartbreaking. I'm glad this company is commited to supporting the cause...one lipstick at a time :)


Tiff Ima

Anonymous said...

My God I would never look twice at sneakers like that but they look amazing how you paired them. You look just beautiful, and very interesting styling. Love it.

The Littlest Smitten said...

Love it! This outfit looks so comfortable and that white dress is awesome. So versatile.

Huyen said...

you look gorgeous, love the white dress and the sneakers! http://impressthepress.blogspot.com

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