Wednesday, October 23, 2013


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Biting the bullet, because it feels weird to post photos that are nearly three weeks old, when -- to me -- I now look totally different. Yay, haircuts. It's still settling in to itself, but man, my head feels lighter. So, a quick break from St. Louis outfits to show you what I wore this past weekend.

On Sunday, Chris and I had exactly four hours to do something, so we decided on apple picking. Huge, gigantic mistake. Where we ended up turned out to be ground zero for family-fall-fun-fest-extravaganza and just not our cup of tea. But, despite the lack of apples, this was the perfect apple picking outfit -- A cozy sweater, easy jeans, and a big bag to stuff my camera (and everything else) into. 
What I wore:
Sweater: TjMaxx
Jeans: Madewell/ Avalon Exc.
'Arizona' bag c/o BaliELF
Boots: Seychelles 'Lucky Penny'
Owl claw necklace: Black Sparrow (gift)
Chain bracelet: Thrifted
Hat: Target

I wore this for a failed attempt at apple-picking


Heather P. said...

I just ordered a big, comfy, oversized sweater - I can't wait for it to get here!

veronika girlandcloset said...

Love everything about this cozy outfit Julie and your hair looks fantastic!! It feels pretty great to have easy to manage hair doesn't it? I really love that about my own shorter do! And I always mean to ask how do you get those perfect waves?...

By The Shore, a life + style blog

Emily Baker said...

LOVE your hair!! It looks awesome :)

Anonymous said...

That sweater looks so comfy.I will have to check out TJMaxx more often.

The Braided Bandit said...

Saw your new hair on instagram the other day, you look wonderful! I too just took a lot off mine and I'm still getting used to it. I love this easy and cute outfit even if the event wasn't your cup of tea!
xo Hannah

Jillian Paskey said...

I feel like you live in Pittsburgh, so do i! (Newly!) And weird I went apple picking on Sunday too. Listen I might have been at the same ground zero family zoo you were at. But, I sucked it up and brought home the bacon (or apples). There has to be better apple picking farms around Pittsburgh? It was a disaster at that place!

Naomi Tallin said...

I cut off all my hair too and it was the biggest relief! Also, I was happy to find that hats stay on my head so much better! Perfect for non-apple apple picking.


Jennifer said...

You are adorable lady! Loving your new hair! I imagine it's quite a change!

xo Jennifer

Sandra said...

aw, sorry to hear about your disappointing event. it's kinduv the same risk here with the outdoorsy french families and their army of noisy kids.

love your outfit! it looks like something i could wear everyday and i'm saying that in the best sense possible.

Aurélie said...

Such a fan of your sweater! Looks so comfy :)

Emily Sue said...

Loving the buttons down the back of that jumper. You look super comfy!

Laura Whitman said...

You look so adorable - so comfy and chic! That hat is completely perfect; the color is so lovely!


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