Thursday, October 24, 2013

Johnny Cash Night

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Once a year, the ELKS Lodge in Pittsburgh hosts a magical thing called Johnny Cash Night, at which you drink Makers Mark, spin a wheel for prizes, and eat amazing food, all while listening to a number of local bands pay tribute to The Man in Black. And every year, we manage to forget all about it until the week of, when we also manage to root out tickets. I love the spontaneity, it's a nice sort-of-surprise date night, a break from the norm, something that at this point could be considered tradition. This is what I wore on that particular evening, last month. I love red and pink paired together, and the easy silhouette of a skirt and sweater.

What I wore:
Top: Vintage/Allen Company Vintage 
Skirt: American Apparel
Jacket: Vintage Lee/Avalon Exc.
Flats: ModCloth (old)
Purse: Vintage/ Brimfield Flea
Valentine pin: Vintage/ Flea market

I wore this to Johnny Cash Night at the ELKS Lodge