Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ruby SoHo

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Photos taken by Elizabeth
What I wore:
Dress: Rodarte for Target
Top: Thrifted
Belt: Vintage
Tights: AA 'super opaque'
Bag: Vintage
Kelsi Dagger heels c/o Lulu's (they're on sale!)
Lipstick: Rimmel 'Kate' Collection #01

I wore this to attend Industry Night during St. Louis Fashion Week

Excuse those bags under my eyes, it's most definitely apparent that I'd been up since 4am. When I'm traveling, I tend to rely on tried-and-true outfits that I know will work. This was an iteration of an outfit I wore back in March, but never photographed, so when it came down to what to pack for Industry Night of St. Louis Fashion Week, this was it. And it served me well. This dress, for being a Target sale-rack find, has become one of those unexpected staples that I come back to again and again. I love that it has sleeves, and is so -- surprisingly -- easy to transform with the addition of of a collar, or a belt, or the right shoes, or all three in this case. Lulu's was kind enough to provide me with a couple of items to style up for the STLFW events, and these bright red snakeskin heels, coupled with a swipe of red lipstick was the perfect pick-me-up for a mostly neutral outfit.

[EDIT] -- Sandra mentioned in a comment my shirt not getting bunched up, so I thought I would add this tip: if you're layering a shirt beneath a dress, tuck it into your tights. It might look ridiculous before you put the dress on, but it keeps your shirt from riding up.

A couple of housekeeping items:

1. Will anyone be at Lucky FABB in NYC this week? If so, be sure to say 'hello'! I'll be there with a few coworkers covering the conference and I can't wait.

2. I cut my hair! It feels like a pretty big change to me, but a change that I needed. Details to come after I get through my backlog of outfit posts, but hey, I'm stoked. Change is good.

3. Ruby SoHo is one of my favorite Rancid songs. It reminds me of high school, and of early college, driving to work after class.


Greta Gale said...

I love how you've layered your shirt under the dress, so chic! Congratulations on the hair cut!


Sandra said...

that dress looks great and those red heels are just killer! the layering is really nice too and it's pretty amazing that it doesn't get bunched up under (my usual problem w layer/tucking in).

also-congrats on the haircut! i think it's a pretty healthy thing to do in the end. i cut my 6 year old dreads to a pixie 2 years ago, so i know how life changing that could be.

skye said...

Incredibly striking. Essence of urban chic. :) You look gorgeous in red lipstick.

Kailey said...

Your skin looks FLAWLESS and the lipstick is gorgeous! I still love the Rodarte for Target clothing collection and wish I was able to get my hands on more pieces - the dress looks beautiful and I especially love how you paired it with that shirt and heels! <3

Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

So Gorgeous!!


holly [at] covetous creatures said...

So many good things... I still love the Target Rodarte collection. Ruby Soho was the song that made me switch from the pop stations to the alternative stations in middle school. And your haircut looks amazing!

Angie | Pandaphilia.com said...

i like your milkmaid braids and how fitted your dress is. glad you enjoyed STLFW and i miss being there a few years ago!

It would make me happy if you visited too!
pandaphilia fashion

Anonymous said...

Yay! Tights season is finally here!

I have the strangest things that become staples in my closet too. You never know where you'll find something that you wear a ton. A lot of my everyday outfits are from thrift shops or discount racks!

Anonymous said...

Your dress is gorgeous! I love that your heels and your lipstick match, and the collar is such a nice detail. I never wear shirts under dresses, but I totally should xx

Giner Muñoz said...

I cannot express how much I love your blog and your style in general, it's beautiful what you do with clothing! Your are one of the sites I visit everyday when I don't have a clue of what to wear!!
I'm from Venezuela and I just wanted you to know that you have followers all around the world, haha!


Jhan said...

Those tights look so thick and warm! Also, I love the "Wife" ring. :-)

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