Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Few Small Goals for April

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Happy April. Or April Fools, depending on what you chose to celebrate. As you may have guessed from last Thursday's post, I'm pretty happy to be bidding March 'adieu', it was a tough month and I barely accomplished anything on my March goals list. On the flip-side however, I did get a lot of other stuff done: I gave this blog a much needed face lift (which I'm slowly still working on), we found an apartment in an amazing location, I started running outside again, and I've been cooking more frequently and trying new recipes (I made Tom Kha Gai and Coconut-Lime Curry last week). So, perspective.

I have a sneaking suspicion that April is going to be very similar to March. I'm still setting goals, but I have a feeling that what I actually accomplish will be quite different:

Get packing
Truth: there are fully packed boxes from Massachusetts sitting in our basement. Truth: I have no idea what's in them. We have two full months to prep for our move, and I'm determined not to relive our past moving mistakes (waiting until the last minute, using paper grocery bags to hold things, frantically hurling our belongings into the back of a truck). Since we have a little notice, I'm looking forward to taking our time, getting rid of what we don't want or need, and relocating ourselves with intention.

Get back to yoga
I've been slacking on yoga and I've been feeling it. I have two chances during the week, and lately my schedule has prevented me from taking advantage of either one. This month I need to make more of an effort to get there.

Take a hike
If the weather ever decides to warm up, I'd love to get out to explore a new trail or two. Chris and I went hiking a lot last year, and it's something I want to continue to do together. I love the feeling of leaving the world behind you when you enter the woods.

Cook even more
There have been a few cookbooks languishing in my Amazon cart for a number of weeks now, and I need to just take the plunge. Chris is so much more intuitive than I am when it comes to cooking anything other than breakfast (I make a mean breakfast), while he can just throw things together and have it come out perfect, I like direction and steps to follow. I've really enjoyed the recipes I've made so far, and am looking forward to trying more.

Get more sleep.
Pretty self-explanatory. 

Do you have any goals this month?


Heather P. said...

My March goals kind of went down the tubes too. Mostly because one main goal was to get back out on bike rides, but with winter temperatures and a few snowstorms...well, that didn't happen more than once last month!

Best of luck with the goals, especially packing! I have moved so many times in my life that I feel like a pro by now, but it's still good to go through everything and pare down what you don't need. It makes things go much faster...and it's a lot less to lug around!

Alicia Jay said...

Right there with you on getting more sleep and getting back to yoga (and running). It feels like whenever I start moving/exercising regularly, I get knocked out with a cold or a jam-packed week at work. Your post is a good reminder to make movement a priority rather than letting it fall by the wayside every time. Happy spring and good luck with your move!

Anonymous said...

yoga and cooking more are my goals as well :) Good luck with all of your goals!

<3 Salem Style
Crocheted With Love in Salem Massachusetts

Kayla said...

Love your goals. Practical, simple and with some effort doable. How all short term goals should be. You're inspiring me to make a small list of my own.

Memoirs & Mochas

Bea said...

You should try making banana bread without following the directions, announce it on Facebook, then bring it to a friend's house for a dinner party! Guarantee you'll have leftovers. These goals are all great! Yay for the woods! XO.

Orchid Grey said...

Bea: 1. I'm glad you're back, I've missed you. 2. that sounds like the worst idea. xoxo

Jennifer said...

My goal this month is to find a job! Haha

xo Jennifer

eileen ragan | leaner by the lake said...

I too am on the "get back to yoga" train. Recently I've been focused on running and cardio, neglecting the balance that yoga brings to my life when it comes to stretching, tension release, and just a second to BREATHE.

Thanks for the reminder, here. Good luck with all your goals!

Orchid Grey said...

Eileen, exactly!

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