Wednesday, April 3, 2013


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What I wore:
Jacket: J.Crew (2010)
Top: American Apparel
Jeans: J.Brand c/o Lucky Fab 2011
Booties: ModCloth
Beanie: Brixton

Where I wore it: To the office

I've always sort of liked the idea that on a bad day, a swipe of red lipstick is the magic wand that instantly transforms, erasing sleepy eyes and a grumpy expression, rendering the wearer fresh-faced and...somehow French? Yeah, a nice thought (a thought drilled into our heads methodically by magazine editors everywhere), but for me at least, it's going to take a lot more than lip color to turn things around. On days when I'm running abysmally late, this particular top paired with pretty much anything is what I turn to-- seriously, if I posted what I wore everyday, this blog would just be called Julie's Blue Denim Shirt-- the swipe of red lipstick was simply my latest attempt at achieving that effortless je ne sais quoi.

I think the black knit cap is the real magic wand here. Throw on a black cap, and no one can see your bed head, or even your messy eyebrows if you pull it down far enough. Like "yeah, I slept through my alarm and I need a coffee". Or at least that's what I tell myself.


Jennifer said...

Haha that's why I wear hats a lot... so no one can see what a failure I am in doing my hair lol
Super cute, hun!

xo Jennifer

Anonymous said...

you look great with the red lipstick. Your hair looks great too :)

<3 Salem Style
Crocheted With Love in Salem Massachusetts

Chelsea Shannon said...

perfect understated but seriously cool look. and you do look amazing with red lips ;)

Lora said...

I loved how you paired the classics (denim shirt, camel coat, red lips), with a bold shoe! So fresh. And the lip color looks great on you!


Laura said...

This look reminds me a lot of a look that I saw on Pinterest recently that I just adored, even though it's not the sort of thing I usually wear. It's so simple, and yes, it's quite casual...but to me, at the same time, it looks very put together. If I had never seen you before and I ran into you at a coffee shop, I would have thought, "Wow, that girl's got style." Mission accomplished, I say! :)


Megan Colwell said...

As always, you are stunning. I wish I knew how to make my hair look like yours!

Heather P. said...

No joke, I almost wore the exact same outfit today - denim shirt and black skinny jeans is my JAM when I don't want to try so hard. I'm not a big hat girl, but I can totally see the appeal - it hides a multitude of sins!

Bekah said...

What lipstick are you wearing? I love it!

Molly said...

Julie, you are my style inspiration.

Marlyn Pena said...

Gorgeous! That red lip looks so perfect on you! Those shoes are also the cutest ever!

Girl and Closet said...

Julie, you and this outfit are stunning!! This look definitley has that je ne sais quoi vibe to it. And the shoes were a fab decision, such a lovely statement piece!! Whenever I'm running late or hurried I love to pop on a blazer, it's the perfect finishing touch + yes, to the red lipstick too. xo V

skye said...

The red lipstick really does pull it all together. Great with more casual looks. Your hair also looks great.

alittlevintagestory said...

Julie, you always look amazing and effortlessly put together xx

Bea said...

Remember when I used to leave Admissions to go home and take naps? I used to do that. I think you knew.

samantha ramage said...

girl, your french comment was not lost in me- glad you are admitting it too! someone needs to put an end to those ideals! they're so annoying!


Christina Marie said...

Awesome shoes!


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