Thursday, January 3, 2013

On Crystal Lake

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What I wore:
Jacket: ModCloth (find it here)
Dress: Rachel Antonoff (ModCloth, last year)
Tights: American Apparel Super Opaque ($25)
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell (ModCloth, last year)
Leaf Earrings c/o InfinEight
Belt: Vintage/ Thrifted ($2)
Scarf: Found at a swap

Where I wore it: To Christmas day festivities

I always love having some outfit photos queued up, but it feels especially funny to be posting about Christmas in January. I love the holidays, but I'm ready to get on with 2013. It's always my intention to take lots of outfit photos while I'm up north, but more often than not I get distracted, or wear the same thing everyday, or simply can't be troubled. So, I guess all this to say- I'm a little surprised to have anything to show you from our trip!

I bought this plaid dress soon after starting my job last year as a new-job reward for myself, and since then it's become a sort of holiday go-to for me. The red plaid is festive enough, but not overtly whimsical, though I have plans to visit a seamstress to get the cap sleeves hacked off sometime soon (I'm not a huge fan of cap sleeves, especially when paired with Peter-Pan collars). This outfit was perfect for a snowy day spent visiting with relatives and driving from house to house.

Does this view look familiar? If you've been reading for awhile, you may recognize this favorite spot of mine from this post (from Christmas 2010).


Rachael @ Style Every Day said...

Your hair is always amazing but I especially love your chunky braid in this post! As a girl with thin hair, I completely envy your hair! :)

Jhan said...

These photos are absolutely beautiful! Oh my goodness. In any case, I love the not-so-in-your-face Christmas outfit. :-0

Jules said...

These pics are amazing. I love your outfit!

Velveteen Mint said...

I love this outfit, especially the cat pocket detail, but you must be freezing your tail off!

Lagelle said...

I love the color story here and especially your hair <3 btw I get it about not wanted to be troubled with taking outfit shots. I tend to get so caught up in my day and then I lose the opportunity ;-(


Melissa said...

Gorgeous photos!

Heidi said...

That would be my favorite spot too! Beautiful -Heidi

Jennifer said...

These pictures are fab!

xo Jennifer

Bethany said...

Breathtaking!!! Also, I need that jacket.

Melissa said...

I adore that dress! The pocket details are too precious.

<3 Melissa

arbie said...

Love your hair!

Shannon said...

Totally stunning!!! I love your jacket so so much.

sharon noël said...

Fun outfit and adorable hair!! My hair is way too thin to do that. But you rock it! :] Love it.

irene wibowo said...

so lovely! :)Irene Wibowo

kimberly said...

Love the mustard ModCloth jacket! Great pairing with your yay-new-job dress! I got myself yay-new-job boots last year... guess which online store!

sweet harvest moon said...

Absolutely a perfect Christmas dress! Beautiful lake picture on the lake!

Hannah said...

lovely outfit! i love the combination of the tartan and the mustard colours. And very jealous of your snow!! We had none this year in the part of the UK where I'm from.. kinda disappointing but then a little less hassle to get around.. England doesn't cope very well with the snow!

Hannah x

House Of Jeffers said...

The fact that you can make standing in the cold look not so cold - hats to you, miss. The dress is all types of awesome. But the milkmaid braid takes the cake!

House Of Jeffers

Lily EBVS said...

I've been so into red and yellows this Winter -- what a perfect outfit. And, that hair! New England! Siiiigh.

Dus Katrina said...

haha i'm just starting to post about a trip from Christmas week so I def find it normal to have old photos handy. love that little dress w/ the mustard coat- great color combo!

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