Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Chocorua 3
Chocorua 2
Chocorua 5
Chocorua 4
Chocorua 1
Chocorua 6
Chocorua 7
What I wore:
Forest Run Vest c/o Quiksilver Women
Sweater: J.Crew factory ($20-ish last year)
Top: J.Crew Factory ($10 old)
Jeans: Madewell High Riser (sale, old)
Boots: Sorel- Wicked Work Boot (c/o Sorel via Lucky Fabb 2011)

Where I wore it: Driving from Maine to New Hampshire to Massachusetts to Pennsylvania

New England always provides a healthy dose of reality when it comes to dressing for the cold. Nothing will bring you back down to earth faster than temperatures below ten degrees and a foot of snow on the ground (and it was only December), and if that doesn't do it, the long looks cast by family and strangers alike will make you question even the most mundane of fashion statements (Wedge boots? But they have tread! They're warm! Look, I can totally walk on the ice in them...). I'm finding that as I get older, that practicality sinks a little deeper, and I remind myself a little more of my mom each winter- for example: forgoing the sparkly dress on New Years Eve because it was snowing and we were driving to the suburbs and what if we went off the road and had to dig the car out? I wore Sorels and a sweater. An overreaction, for sure. None of those things happened.

As we were heading out of town after Christmas, on our long way home, we stopped to take a few photos in front of Mount Chocorua. This is one of my favorite views coming in to town, a peak I often hiked in the summer, and one that now inspires jealousy when I see locals taking advantage of the lake (a friend instagramming her stand-up paddle board, ice skaters). This kind of quiet is always difficult to leave.


Suburban Sweetheart said...

You look so perfectly New England in this outfit & these pics. Man, I miss it.

Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

you look gorgeous! these photos are amazing.

Lagelle said...

I love the vest and the boots are practical but still cool btw my hubby is from Bangor Maine <3


jenloveskev said...

You look so at home in these pictures! New England suits you well my dear. Looking beautiful as usual. Sorry we didnt get to see you guys this time around. Hope to come visit in the New year once we settle in with baby.

Adrienne Scott-Trask said...

Such a warm and cozy look!
I love it!
-Adrienne. xo

Jennifer said...

I'm freezing just looking at the snow!

xo Jennifer

Megan said...

It was cold here in Kansas City, too. We got a couple of inches of snow on New Years!

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

Love that cozy vest and gorgeous scenery-

Marie @
Lemondrop ViNtAge

I am having a fabulous giveaway right here.

Heidi said...

This place looks inspiring. Beautiful views. -Heidi

Lauren said...

I always feel like there's no real way for me to look cute when it's really cold out, but you keep proving me wrong.

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

love your cozy booties! it looks cold brrr!!! :)


Birta said...

I'm from a cold country that is now literally drowning in snow, but I live in a warm country where the temprature is around 40-50° F right now. When I see photos from back home I feel so homesick that I want to cry.

I can almost smell the crisp, cool air in New England!

Bethany said...

These pictures are so serene... I am really wishing for some snow. I love how everything looks aglow when there is snow on the ground!

sweet harvest moon said...

I'm in love with your boots!

Happy new year x

Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

Happy new year Julie! <3 The snow looks seriously beautiful!

Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

blue roses said...

maybe, for some, the new england pragmatic aesthetic is dowdy and unbecoming... you just look naturally beautiful and divine! what a vista too.

happy new year. sorels never stopped anyone from making merry.

amanda said...

such gorgeous photos!! you look so perfect for a walk in the new england snow. glad you were able to spend some time in your favorite place :)

BuenoBueno said...

so jealous of all the snow! you look beautiful like always! Happy new Year to you too Julie!!!! hope to see you again in TEXAS soon!


irene wibowo said...

wow so snowy! :) Irene Wibowo

Lily EBVS said...

I recently realized, while in mid-sentence recap of my NYE, that I'm becoming my mother at a faster rate than previously imaginable: I spent the night wearing a billion sweaters, watched bbc series and ate shrimp cocktails. Sometimes, moms just know what's up.

Beautiful pictures, as always, and all that snow! Makes my heart long for some good old fashioned New England winter.

thecottagediaries said...

Brr it looks cold! You look great though, I'm sure your Mum would be proud :)


jyothi said...

Nice pictures.

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