Thursday, June 7, 2012

Play it Again

In this outfit:
Dress: Vintage via Avalon Ex. ($15)
Jacket: Forever21 ($20 old)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell "Rumi"
Bag: Vintage Coach, thrifted ($10-ish)
Bracelet: Thrifted ($2)
Belt: J.Crew (sale- old)

What do you wear when you're in a rush, really tired, and really hungry? An old stand-by, that's what. Perhaps an outfit that you were recently reminded of- like in yesterday's post- one that's easy to throw on to get you out the door fast. Yesterday evening I attended a networking event almost immediately after work, I should have gone straight there, but my work outfit was just a little too casual for the occasion. Knowing that this outfit would work, I just threw it on and ran back out the door.

Do you wear the same outfit more than once? I do it all the time, having a few outfits on rotation is perfect for when you sleep in, or just want an easy day. Which is also why I don't typically post pictures of the same outfit twice, I'm usually wearing it because I just needed a day off from taking pictures.

Happy Thursday!