Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How To: Grow Out Your Bangs and Not Go Bananas

Once upon many times, I've had bangs, Betty Page bangs, Vampira bangs (ouch), and most recently, just long bangs...
...and just as many times as I've had them, I have grown sick and tired of them.
In February, I reached my "bangs breaking point" for this round, and decided to grow them out. In the past this process has been far from easy, but this time for some reason, it's pretty much been a breeze. I think it was just time to get rid of them, I was sick of styling them, sick of cutting them, and I was only pleased with their appearance once or twice a week. It's funny, because as soon as I pinned them back, I felt more awake and alert, it was like pulling back the curtains. While I can still look at old pictures like the one above and reminisce, I really don't miss them. If you're currently facing the arduous process of growing out your own fringe, here are a few things I've found that make the long process a little less painful...

First thing's first, when I wash my hair, I immediately pin my bangs off to the side and allow them to dry that way (I air dry my hair overnight). 85% of the time there is a bobby pin holding them down, and I always sleep with a bobby pin in so they don't get in my face and remind me of their existence.

Rule number one: pretend they don't exist, bobby pins help with this charade.

Try experimenting with different ways of pinning your fringe back, this will add variety to your routine and lessen the urge to just trim them already and be done with it. Try a center part with a messy ponytail a la Pamela Love's Fall 2012 Presentation:

Try pinning them straight back and pulling your hair into a high ponytail or bun, enjoy the sun on your forehead and the feeling of alertness that comes over you:

You can also try to work with styling your growing fringe along the way. For me, this usually results in more frustration, so I suggest you do this sparingly, as you may be tempted to snip if you get irritated. If you have the patience of a saint however, try curling them off to the side and setting with a healthy dose of hairspray:

Once they start to grow, it'll be easier to hide your bobby pins, and styling your hair as if your bangs already don't exist will become second nature (or, at least, a little easier):

On the weekends (and who am I kidding, most days), I typically wear them styled in a little twist off to the side. This is an easy style that isn't ruined if I get annoyed and throw my hair up in a bun halfway through the day (this usually happens):

Play around with how you part your hair. Sweeping some length over your fringe easily conceals the shorter pieces (and makes you feel- secretly- like Jessica Rabbit):
I also recommend playing around with different braiding techniques. I'm actually not doing this too much myself this go-round, but braids came in super handy when I was growing out a set of fringe a couple of years ago.

If you get tempted to grab the scissors- and you will, I can almost guarantee it- don't do it. Look at pictures of fringe-less ladies on Pinterest, think of how greasy bangs get so easily. 

Essentially: remind yourself constantly of why you're growing them out. 

The process is a slow one, for everyone, but if you learn how to wrangle them early on, it's easy enough to forget they even existed.

Feel free to share tips of your own for growing out your bangs in the comments section!