Tuesday, October 5, 2010

BFW Re-Cap: Part 2 "The Swap!!!"

I have no idea on how to even start this post, other than to say: last thursday was so. much. fun. The event that I was the most excited to attend was the Boston Fashion Week Swap hosted by the ever popular Swapaholics, it took place Thursday night, and was the perfect way to end the most exhausting week ever. Around two I fled work and headed over to the Somerville armory, ready to help move racks, collect clothing, and sort other peoples unwanted items into semi-organized piles. I love coming to events like this early, there is always such a great sense of excitement and it's a nice chance to hangout with everyone before things get crazy. The space was beautiful and the perfect venue for a fashion-related event.
Top: Tucker (swapped)
Skirt: Thrifted ($3)
Belt: Thrifted (from photoshoot)
Shoes: F21 ($13)
Back-Seam Tights: AA
Bag: H&M ($17)
I always get super anxious about events where I'll be meeting other bloggers, I always want to wear something fun and I put a ton of (unnecessary) pressure on myself. For this event, I really didn't want to be stressed out so i went with a trusty formula I've come up with: leather skirt + silk top + walkable heels + waist belt = success!
This is seriously my fall back outfit, it always looks good. I admit to having a different shirt to wear originally, but when I came across this pretty silk Tucker top on the swap rack donated from the Closet, I made the switch. I love the geometric pattern and unusual colors. I quickly braided my messy work-hair (all the better to show off the raddest earrings), and threw it on. Love. My little switch made me match Jen, Punky & Melissa, and Brooke perfectly; I guess orange, yellow, and black were THE colors!
One of the things I was most excited about was seeing Jen again. We haden't seen one another since she had her beautiful baby, and I was so excited to re-connect. Doesn't she look amazing?
The swap was crazy. Standing up in the balcony, the best way to describe the scene was a swarm! Everyone seemed to have had a great time though and it was by far the best night of BFW.

I'm definitely still recovering, my tiredness from last week finally manifested into a full-blown cold this weekend, which I'm hoping I will be rid of tomorrow. I'll be showing off my swap finds this week, I got some good stuff! Did you have a nice weekend?

All photos except the bottom one by Adam Towner


amber said...

I have never attended a swap, but I always think they look so fun! I love the outfit you put together for the even, the shirt is a fantastic find!!

amber said...

*event! haha

joy said...

That clothes swap looks crazy. Like sheer madness! But you and your friends look super duper glam.


Anonymous said...

Your fashion sense is impeccable! Hard to go wrong when you break out the leather skirt.

samantha. said...

your hair and outfit looked awesome at the swap!!


Ana - Toil and Trouble said...

I wanted to go so badly!! You ladies looked great, and I'm bummed that I missed out on all the fun!

Anonymous said...

such a fun event, I can't wait till next year! interested to see what goodies you snagged

Lauren said...

Saw some of these pictures yesterday on Jen Loves Kev! So fun! Loved all of your outfits!

Small Time Style

Anonymous said...

Aw, so sad I missed this, I have class thursday nights (like a six hour class, I really can't miss it) And I just LOVE the armory what a cool spot. You look amazing in that blouse btw.

Can we do a beverly swap sometime? We can do it at my house!

Talia said...

the leather skirt is just amazing!

BlueVanilla said...

Aww love the last photos....you look fabulous, great outfit choice!

Caitlin said...

You ladies look so amazing together! I WILL make it to a swap some day! I'm so sad I missed out yet again


Christina said...

I love the look of the bottom photo. A friend and I recently found an article on the Swapoholics and decided we wanted to do something in our little city. They're on to something great for us and the environment. You young, talented, stylish ladies keep inspiring us :)


the lovely birds said...

beautiful top, i am loving all of the tucker designs at target!

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

did you all plan to wear golden colors? it makes for really great shots, like something out of a magazine! looks like a blast :)

Tiffany's Small World said...

love the tights!great photos


Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

first of all, love the colors of all your outfits...you all look stunning with the different styles each of you have.

secondly, how does a swap work? this looks like so much work but also sooo much fun.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Ginta said...

Oh, yes, I love your look! You can always count on the leather skirt to look gorgeous! :)

Blackbird Fly said...

this is so lovely!
My friends an I do a seasonal small scale swap every once in a while and is so much fun!

-Morgan (Blackbird Fly)
Blackbird Fly

Becca [Free Honey] said...

I'm so awed that you found this top right before the event and made a quick switch. You sneaky girl! Well, it looked great.

Anonymous said...

That place looks crazy! And you look crazy awesome! I think your formula has been boiled down to perfection. Such a great outfit and seems like a great time. LOVE that top!!

Birta said...

You always manage to make the most impossible outfits work, and not just work, ROCK!

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

this outfit is balls-to-the-wall fabulousness. that top is amazing. happy to say I recently thrifted myself an awesome black leather pencil skirt and I've been dying for cooler weather to break out!!

thanks for the inspiration!!

Eule said...

great look, nice colour

Ahn said...

just so you know...i have definitely brought the heidi braids to santa barbara, ca. they don't look quite as good on me, but hey, i tried. people always ask me how i do them and i direct them to you.

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