Friday, October 1, 2010

BFW Re-Cap: Part 1

Is it a completely unfabulous thing for me to say that I am so glad for this week to be over? I would love to pretend that after four days of work and fashion-events that I'm still going strong, but that would be a total lie. I could not imagine doing this on an NYFW scale! So, I thought I would do a little re-cap of some of the events that I went to during this week, today I'll share the first two, and next week I'll share the most exciting one! I'm going to do this a little out of order though...

So first up, I met the wonderful Sami from A Glimpse Of Glamour last friday. This girl is seriously so SO nice. She invited Cassie and I to a private screening of Ultrasuede: In Search Of Halston at the MFA. This is what I wore:
Dress: Rodarte for Target (sale $35)
Cape: American Apparel
Shoes: Urban Outfitters ($28)
Bag: H&M ($17)
My main objective for what I wore this week was simplicity. I would have loved to pile on the accessories and worn more fabulous shoes, but I was literally running from work to all of these events. Which, I learned was a terrible idea. This little leopard print dress was small enough to fit in my bag last minute and packed enough punch to warrant the lack of accessories. It was raining this night, so before fleeing work I snagged this cute black cape. it's made of sweatshirt material, and kept me out of the rain until I reached the MFA.
The Halston film was pretty excellent. It focused mostly on his talent, and very little on his demise. Which I thought was fair, I liked that the director made a point to steer away from the rumor-mill and focus on what was true. His discussion with Liza Minelli was one of the best parts of the film. The director also allowed a few of the interviews to stray into awkward territory, just long enough to infuse some humor into the somber subject matter.

Moving further back in time, last friday I met up with Cassie again. Our first order of business was to stop by Hotel Chocolat, mostly for the free chocolate but also to view the images of local designers wares on display. This is where we met Sami! Post-chocolate we all headed over to the Industry10 event. This is what I wore:
Dress: H&M ($50)
Shoes: F21 ($30)
Belt: Vintage thrift ($3)
So, I admit to buying this dress because I was too tired to pick out something to wear for 6pm at 6am. Mostly, I wanted to show off my F21 MiuMiu knockoffs. I know I've complained about it in the past, but in this case I'm completely OK with fast-fashion. I knew F21 would make a MiuMiu knock-off shoe and they finally did. I scored the polkadot pair. I love them, and they hurt like hell.
Cassie and Sami

So, lessons I learned from BFW events 1 & 2: Don't go directly from work to a fashion event, you'll regret the 30 pound bag you have to lug around (not pictured), and wear comfortable shoes (I only heeded this advice on one day). Also, remember your camera!

Part 3 next week! a big thank you to Cassie and Sami for taking my pictures because I'm too forgetful to remember my camera!

I'm taking a much needed respite in Maine this weekend, I can't wait to sleep! What are you up to?


samantha. said...

Thank you so much for the lovely shout out, Julie! I was so lucky to run into you girls last week! I am glad for this week to be over as well, but really look forward to seeing you again at another fabulous event :)


Chloe Trayner said...

Love both these outfits, the cape in the first photo is amazing!! Been looking for a cape for ages. The F21 shoes looks so good too, seen them floating around the blogosphere and your styling is great to show them off. Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend!

Mandyy said...

Great Post ! :D

Lauren said...

Yeah, agreed, both outfits are amazing!! Sorry that the shoes hurt - I often am running from work to things after work and having a good pair of shoes makes a WORLD of difference! Like tonight, I am going into DC after work, so instead of really cute clogs with a spiked awesome heel, I'm going with a pair of sensible peep-toe Tahari pumps that I know will get me from point A to point B!

Small Time Style

Natalya's Closet said...

Love these dresses on you! XOXO, Natalya

Camilla said...

I love how you wear those f21 WEDGES.


Blackbird Fly said...

ADORE the movie screening outfit. that cape is to die for and I love it paired with the leopard print dress.

-Morgan (Blackbird Fly)
Blackbird Fly

BlueVanilla said...

You are rockin the leopard dress...looks so muvh better on you then it did on me!
Get some rest!

MissKellie said...

Wow, you were definitely busy! But it sounds like you had some fun just the same!
Both of your dresses look amazing, by the way! I especially love the polka dot one!!

Kristin said...

cool, nice dress


Diya said...

ahhhh I don't really care for leopard unless the right person wears it and I'm DYING over that first outfit! so cute. SO CUTE. I didn't know a.a. had capes...going over there to check them out.

PS. I GOT THE EARRINGS! see them pop up over the next outfit post... thank you so much once again.

number the first said...

that little cape is super cute! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun ♥

Kinsey Michaels said...

It was great to meet you Julie at the Swapaholics event! Such a fun night out, and I was able to snag some great clothes and accessories. Love your F21 shoes!

Anonymous said... look so freaking gorgeous in that leopard dress and cape. stunning.

Becca [Free Honey] said...

Julie, it was so nice to meet you this week. Although, I'll agree with you that I'm glad this week is over, it's been an exhausting mad dash of events!! I wish Boston had more fashion or blogger related events spread throughout the year, and not just during fashion week. I loved meeting so many bloggers and getting to talk shop and take in great fashions! We should all do it more often!

lindsay said...

I love that polka dot dress and almost bought it, but my cheap self wasn't sure about the price for a h& m dress. How's it holding out? Comfy?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I DO love a cape, and I love you for wearing one!

And that bow-belt in the second-to-last picture is SO cute! Thanks for sharing!

Archives said...

gosh, i just LOVE that first outfit!!! i really want that cape!!! :D

Leigh said...

i love love love that belt on the second outfit!!!!!! so amazing!

Makiko said...

love the polk-a-dot dress! it's so exciting to find other boston fashion bloggers!

PenPot said...

Love the cape!

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