Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Help Keiko...

Keiko, of and , has a sick kitty that needs help. She is taking donations on her blog, but also offering a number of other ways that people can help as well, including purchasing from her online store, Postlapsaria.

Her bf Bobby writes on her blog:
"This is Bobby. I'm writing for Keiko because she can't right now.
We need your help! Kitty Boos, her cat in Florida, is very, very sick right now.
She is at the Vets office and they have told her that they cannot do any surgical work on him until they receive the money...Keiko has told me to inform anybody reading that she will do custom work, she'll do advertising space, she'll do almost anything she can to encourage help. Anything you've seen on her site that you want she'll sell. She has to have this money tonight or he could die.
He's a three year old cat and is the sweetest thing in the world. Please, please, if you read this and are willing help, or tell another friend who might be willing or able to help!
Thank you
to donate you can visit her blog, she has a PayPal link set up on the post.
I think that even if you don't have the funds to donate, reposting this is a great way to help a fellow blogger.
One of her amazing creations on
Just thought I'd get the word around.


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