Thursday, April 11, 2019

My Favorite Activewear for Spring

Is it safe to call this spring? Frankly, after Monday's snowstorm I'm feeling a little gun-shy. BUT today the weather reached a whopping 50 degrees and the sun actually felt warm if you stood in the right spot. For those not living in New England, the constant complaints and refrain about the weather may sound... endless? Redundant? When in fact, complaining about the weather is a competitive sport here in the Northeast. Really though, springtime always makes me feel hopeful – coming out of a dark winter, springtime makes me excited to get outside again. I can't wait to hike and surf – but even before all that, I can't wait to run outside without the fear of slipping on ice! With most of the snow now gone in Portland, I've been feeling that extra boost of motivation that comes with spring weather – and of course the new workout clothes that come with it. I can't be the only one who gets super excited to workout when I get a new pair of sneakers, cute high-waisted leggings or a freshened-up arsenal of sports bras (or even better, a set - the one above is the Intro Kit). Weird? Maybe (but I know I'm not alone here) but the options are just too good:

Sports Bras: I love a fun sports bra and there are so many good ones out there now! I just ordered this one from Onzie (that pattern!), which will be perfect for weights days and yoga, and I have my eye on this one for summer hiking.

Leggings: You might be surprised – or not – to learn that my collection of leggings is a little out of control. Between working from home (aka loungewear central) and actually working out, I go through a lot of them. For spring I'm hoping to get a new pair for hiking, and some ankle-length leggings for the gym (love these).

Sneakers: So, I really need a new pair of sneakers – but I'm torn. My running shoes are shot – I have these and loved them – but I'm finding I also need a pair for weight days too. Maybe these? Have you tried a pair of training shoes? I'd love to know what you thought.


Avery said...

I am in dire need of more high waisted leggings! Especially for the gym!! They are my favorite type of leggings to work out in!

Jacqueline Witkowski said...
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Jackie said...

oh the metcons from nike are really nice... but they are flaaaat. They'd be great for lifting, but I'd struggle to wear them for much else.

Allison said...

High waisted leggings are essential for style and comfort! They keep everything in and give a nice flattering shape!

Michael said...

My girlfriend would looove a pair of those leggings, thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

I've got to show my sister these leggings. She always buys a pair and is never 100% satisfied, but these look great!

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