Saturday, September 8, 2018

Weekend Reading 9.8

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Happy September! How good does it feel to say that? Honestly, September has always been a favorite month of mine, something about the transitional nature of it – one foot in summer, one foot in fall – especially in New England. The trees are already beginning to turn up here! As much as I was looking forward to a calm month after what was one of the busiest summers on record, it's shaking out to be crazy – but in a good way. This weekend we're just planning on enjoying the weather – Chris and I did some fall cleaning yesterday (feels so good!) and today we're off to the farmers' market before his mom visits this afternoon. Tomorrow looks like a good chance of a flea market! I'm working on some new content too, now that it's not 1000 degrees – summer always gets away from me!

Enjoy it, friends.


Oh these two vintage pillows are calling my name! Love patterns like that, and so perfect for cozy camp vibes.

If you're still looking for the perfect basket purse - here, I found it and it's vintage.

I got to attend the opening of Amie here in Portland this week and it's gorgeous. If you're not local - you can shop online!

If you're looking for a new book to read and love true crime - here are 33 true crime books to read (this one is currently in my cart!)

Officially on the hunt for a few new fall things! Love these classic boots, these classic corduroys, and these cute belt bags (so handy!)

Important stuff: Fall foliage map

I just bought this sweater and it's perfect for early fall (and also on major sale) - wearing today!

Honestly I forgot it was fashion week.

How perfect is this handmade envelope bag? Aaaaaaand you can get it monogrammed....

10 weeks, 10 recipes that will make you a better cook

Also on my fall shopping list? A pretty dainty necklace. Love this moon & star option, these gold horn necklaces, and these pretty cowrie shell necklaces. (bonus: all handmade)

How cool is this Ikea transformation?

Scooping up these hats in every color (also have my eye on this)

Blueberry breakfast cookies. Because YUM.


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