Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Wearing a Mini Dress as a Fully-Grown Adult

 photo JulieOBoyle_MiniDress_OrchidGrey_8.22_7487 copy_zpsanqrarxu.jpg
 photo JulieOBoyle_MiniDress_OrchidGrey_8.22_7480 copy_zpsczp9bs2k.jpg

Before you get your hackles up, let me start out by stating that I'm a firm believer in wearing whatever the fuck you want, regardless of age. Perhaps a better title would have been "How I, A Woman in Her Mid-30's, Am Choosing to Wear A Mini Dress on this, the 22nd Day of August 2018", but that's uh, way too long. Semantics. Anyway, I'm no stranger to minis. In fact, my younger self was known to wear skirts so short I'm blushing at the sheer thought of them – why? how? why? – but over the years my hemlines have dropped (as I've already discussed at length in this post). I love the look of minis, I love the idea of them, but the thought of dealing with them? Another story entirely.

I may wear them less frequently, but sometimes a mini dress or mini skirt comes along that I just can't say no to and exceptions are made. Such was the case when I found this dress at a local vintage store. Look at the print! No really, look at it. It's dogs. The print is dogs. I immediately bought it only to realize later that it barely passes the 7th-grade fingertip test. And it's also quite sheer. So I did something I never thought I'd do – I went in search of bike shorts. Now listen. I have nothing against people who wear bike shorts under dresses, but for me, I've always hated the feeling of them. The ride up, roll up, and generally are more hassle than they're worth. And the alternative – shapewear shorts – are just as bad, if not worse. But... BUT! I think I found them, a decent pair of "slip shorts" that are light and actually comfortable, no rolling and no shapewear-sausage-casing.  As much as I've resisted them, I've found that not having to worry about errant breezes or having my bare legs touch whatever it is I'm sitting on makes wearing minis a whole lot better.
 photo JulieOBoyle_MiniDress_OrchidGrey_8.22_7484 copy_zpsx6xr3xqy.jpg
 photo JulieOBoyle_MiniDress_OrchidGrey_8.22_7479 copy_zpsfwypxspd.jpg
 photo JulieOBoyle_MiniDress_OrchidGrey_8.22_7488 copy_zpsp24tb6be.jpg


Michaela said...

Well, come on then...

Show us these magical shorts! I need some ideas for what to wear under a few shorter skirts that I own and am a little too bashful to actually wear out.

Orchid Grey said...

@Michaela - haha, I linked 'em! Won't be modeling them though :)

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