Saturday, June 2, 2018

Weekend Reading 6.2

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Happy Friday! Everyone else is saying it, so why not me: Longest short week ever, right? We started the week by finally, FINALLY! purchasing our very first brand new couch. While we're both very proud of our almost entirely secondhand home, with this move Chris and I really just wanted one nice NEW thing: A couch. We ordered this one on Wednesday and I can't wait for it to arrive! On Tuesday we took a drive out to to the beach to watch the full moon rise, which was magical and candy-colored. But then, it was only Tuesday. Needless to say, I'm thrilled it's the weekend again. Tonight we're planning to wander the city for First Friday (fingers crossed it doesn't rain - again) – Portland really does go all out for their First Friday events – Chris has been gone most of the week for work, so I'm hoping to grab a nice cocktail with him. Tomorrow we're attending our second wedding of the season and I can't wait! These are friends we've known forever and I'm so, so excited for their party. it's just in New Hampshire, so I'm equally excited that it won't take up all of our time this weekend. We're planning on hitting up some favorite swimming holes and visiting our parents, too. maybe finding a few yard sales on the way.

My band account is lucky these vintage engineer boots aren't my size

Love this woven basket - those colors!

On my June shopping list: a breezy beachy dress, some super cozy PJs (that could double as a set), and a wedding-ready dress.

The Nordstrom half-yearly sale is still going on and I'm obsessed with this floral maxi dress (Under $40)

Love this hanging planter DIY from Joanna

This handmade linen dress is stunning

I love summer bucket lists - this one from Joy is reminding me to make mine.

A couple of books on my must-read list: This one from Marlee and this one on spirituality

Anyone else love the smell of geraniums? I bet this candle smells incredible.

Real life

I'm back in nesting mode, trying to finish up decorating and sorting out our apartment once and for all - I'd love to get one of these wall hangings!

Target is really nailing the dress game this year - love this one.

5 Eco-friendly sunscreen brands to know


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