Sunday, April 1, 2018

Weekend Links 4.1

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Hi Friends and happy happy weekend. What are you up to? I just returned from a work trip to LA so today I'm playing a bit of catch-up and enjoying the spring weather here in Portland. The sun is out and it's GORGEOUS. Almost as nice as that LA weather... almost. Tomorrow we're having an Easter/It's-Finally-Spring brunch with some of Chris's family. Easter is one of those ambiguous holidays for us – we don't have kids and we're not religious, but we like celebrating spring's arrival and the change of seasons (and of course, the arrival of Cadbury mini eggs ;) ).

Because I love little dishes and boxes: How pretty is this vintage ring dish?

Currently making me laugh-cry: Bad paintings of cats. You're welcome.

The perfect spring layer: just a light wrap. That's all. Really, it's not still 30 degrees outside.

On my April wishlist: A bright little bag, a fun yoga mat, a pair of weird and wonderful shoes, and of course something to ward off the rain

An old but important read: the gig economy celebrates working yourself to death (NYT)

These sunglasses would be excellent for people watching on the beach.

Fascinating: How a young woman quite literally lost her sense of self (NYT)

File under: Julie buys too many candles... I bet this one smells amazing though. And this one too.

Fell in love with these sneakers at Madewell while in NYC last weekend.

Save 40% off at J.Crew. Here are some super fun earrings and a dress that looks really damn cozy.

God awful home design. For real though.


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