Saturday, January 13, 2018

Weekend Links

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Aaaaaand it's the end of the week again. How? HOW? This week FLEW by and I don't understand it. I guess it was kind of a big week - we spent a few days house and cat-sitting for our neighbors, where we enjoyed unlimited hot water that didn't require a song and dance routine to get (hot water at my mothers is iffy in the first place, extra iffy when it's negative degrees), AND our big news: we were approved for the apartment we applied for! We're both so excited, but it feels a little surreal. If you had asked me at the beginning of 2017 where I thought I'd be in 2018, I don't think I would have answered "back home in Maine" or even "Portland".  Life is wild like that. We move in early February, and while I'm actually a little nervous to leave the calm of country life behind (my stress levels are possibly the lowest they've ever been), I can't wait to be within walking distance of things again. And be able to ride my bike to the ferry and the beach. And be close to some good friends.  What a rare luxury is was to actually be able to calmly look for the right apartment, instead of the usual harried rush of our past searches. I'm excited to move in (not excited to move in February... in Maine) and even more excited to get set up and really pick and choose what we want to bring back. As someone who has a tough time letting go of things, I think having the majority of our belongings in storage for four months was probably one of the healthiest things I could have done for myself. I'm ready for a fresh start with intentionally-chosen favorites and no clutter (ugh, the clutter struggle is real). So excuse me if this link roundup is a little decor-heavy.

These vintage suede boots would be perfect for this weird weather we've been having (warm today, negative 9 tonight!)

This has been getting a lit of attention for good reason: "I made the pizza cinnamon rolls from Mario Batali's sexual misconduct apology letter"

On my wishlist (besides a tropical vacation): Cool loungewear, goes-with-everything boots, rainbow-everything (these make me absurdly happy), because for god's sake we could use some color around here

How to stay organized in 2018

Speaking of color and decor - how pretty is the new DesignLoveFest for Target line? Love this cute settee 

A fascinating look at an off-grid community

Save an extra 40% off sale items from Free People! Including one of my favorite dresses, this cozy jacket, and this pretty velvet wrap dress

A Cuban coffee sounds delicious (with a fascinating history)

Two cookbooks I want to try: The new Healthyish Cookbook and the Plantpower Way

You guys, this RUG. So gorgeous.

Save up to 40% off home items from Urban Outfitters! Love these cozy pillows.


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