Sunday, January 7, 2018

Weekend Links

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Happy weekend! We're cozied up cat sitting for our neighbors after a whirlwind weekend of apartment hunting in Portland. It's slightly earlier than we planned to move, but when the right one comes along, the right one comes along and we've got our fingers crossed the one we have our eye on works out. As I'm sure you know, it's been freaking ridiculous incredibly stupidly cold (I'm talking -23˚f at 8:30 am this morning), and after three weeks of this weather, I'm over it (actually, I think everyone is over it). But! This week looks as though we're going to get a much-needed break. Who knew I'd actually be looking forward to a 30˚ degree day? On Tuesday we're headed to a local ski mountain for some night riding, and I'm looking forward to getting back to the gym this week.

This vintage kimono would look gorgeous with a black turtleneck and vintage Levi's

Did you catch the incredible super moon last week? I've never been happier to live in the country with zero light pollution. Love these moon phase bracelets (these too!)

A fascinating theory about Muppets and us

PSA: the Madewell sale is now an extra 40% off (this sweater, I'm serious guys)

Found my next weekend project

Three beautiful calendars: one, two, three

How to survive _rump's second year in office: engage politically

Curious about this pretty mask - anyone tried it?

Maybe she's born with it...

Roasted vegetable crumble? Yes. Please.

I'm almost done with this book and loved it - woman returns to the hometown she once despised... very relevant material!

Another book in my amazon cart

Examples of toxic femininity in the workplace (don't worry, it's funny)

Tried those Love Beauty & Planet shampoo, conditioner and body wash this week and fell in love. Really want to try these.


Eva @ All Books Considered said...

My friend Karen makes an awesome moon phase bracelet too!

Orchid Grey said...

Eva - Thank you so much for sharing your friend's work, I just added a link to that beautiful bracelet :)

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