Saturday, September 23, 2017

Weekend Reading 9.23

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You guys. This week. It took it out of me. Moving is tough. Case in point: I just googled "moving is hard" just to feel some sympathy. I know my posts here have been infrequent and kvetch-y lately, as much as Chris and I are so excited about what's to come, the process has kicked our ass. It's never easy. In fact, I just read that moving is a trauma, and that's what it feels like. I've officially entered the crazy phase where I fantasize about sleeping (just, sleeping. Likw, even a little) and order dresses to be delivered at our new address so I have something to look forward to (a genius idea, if I do say so myself), among many, many other weird habits that have come out of the shadows. BUT! One week! I do have plans to write about our "why" behind all of this, because for once in our lives, we're not moving for a job. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed to actually find some time this week for this here blog. For now, I'm watching Will & Grace (Grace almost moves to Brooklyn! So scandalous!) and sipping Reishi Hot Cacao in an effort to just chill. XO

Design Sponge put together an incredible resource for how to help victims of the recent weather and environmental tragedies

This vintage dress is so sexy and cool

What it's like living in a 500 sq ft apartment

Get off my back

Judy Dench is queen

Have you tried body hero yet? Tempted if just for the big bag!

Yum, this chocolate zucchini bread sounds incredible

Just got this dress for a bridal shower next weekend - so pretty for fall

Definitely making these hand-dyed sheets as soon as we're moved!

Love this cute jumpsuit

This face scrub sounds luxurious

The hero we all need

The cutest little planter for a cactus

Future embarrassment 

Ooooh, based on the name alone I bet this candle smells amazing

You guys... this letter

How sweet are these handmade dipped mugs?

I am Diana from Anne of Green Gables and I am fucking drunk - ha!

LOVING these chic (and totally walkable) heels for fall


Kate @ said...

I missed this. Where did you move to?!

N said...

So exciting and also draining. Moving is tough but I think you will be happier in the long run. I would love to hear the "whys" soon. We are contemplating a move back "home" too. If we decide to do it, it would likely mean quitting my job here and moving without one, partner will keep his job (yay remote!). It's a lot to think about and a lot to weigh.."home" is tugging on our hearts heavily, friends, our favorite places etc but that will require leaving our comfort zone, temporarily losing an income - it's scary. It's a question I think a lot about - do I move to where I want to be and take a chance or do I stay where I am, where I am comfortable, where I have a good job but I hate the town, the people, sometimes the work (hah), the climate..??? I'd love to hear how you navigate this and your thoughts.

Take care of yourself during this stressful, but exciting time!

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