Saturday, August 5, 2017

Here & There 8.5

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Hi! Hello! Time sure does fly when it's summer and you're up to your elbows in job applications and anxiety. No? Just me? Well, anyway, that's what life has looked like these past few weeks, with a surprise and most welcome trip to Bermuda in between. For anyone feeling nebby about my current situation, you can Google the words "Etsy" and "layoffs" and there will be plenty of information, most of it pretty boring. As for me, I'm just here looking for silver linings and counting my blessings that this happened in the heat of summer rather than the dead of winter, but really still surprised at how downright emotional the whole experience has been. I've been hesitant to say anything about it, but you know what? I wanted to say something because I'm sure there's someone out there going through the same thing and I wanted to say "Hey dude, I'm here, this blows, right? We'll get through it."


With everything that's been going on, I've been feeling my chronic stress creeping back in. I've lived with chronic stress for years, and this past January I finally started to get it under control. So, feeling it coming back? No way, no thank you. This weekend will be all about chilling out and getting ourselves out into some beautiful spaces. Last weekend Chris and I finally visited Bartram's Garden and went to one of our favorite spaces here in Philly, the Tinicum Wildlife Refuge.  But this weekend I'm really feeling a hike. And some quality time spent cleaning up our place. Despite everything that's happened, this summer really has been one for the books. We have some family stuff coming up next week, and while it's centered around a somber occasion, I'm excited to see everyone. I've also been dying to make it out to Oregon to visit my brother and basically TAKE ALL THE TRIPS after going to Bermuda. Turns out, vacation is fun, you guys.

Well, there you go. A terrifying peek into what my squirrel brain has been up to lately. I'll be back next week with a Bermuda recap (hint: it was beautiful). For now, here's a few of my faves from the internet this week:

Loving this vintage fringe purse

How to feel productive

If the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale happens and bloggers don't talk about it... does it really happen? But seriously, THE DEALS you guys, they're good: This slate state serving tray would make the perfect summer wedding gift, an aromatherapy diffuser that's actually pretty, really into this suede moto jacket (throw it over all your white summer dresses), these sneakers would look great at the gym and off-duty too (these too), and the perfect purse for fall

We could theoretically hit our 2020 climate goal with one food swap (and not, it's not going vegan)

Moorea's next book is available for pre-order! It looks so good - so much inspiration!

Breakfast slab pie (YES. PLEASE.)

Summer's not over yet - loving these pretty, breezy pieces

And God created millennial earth (so funny)

So in love with this cute mini dress

After carrying my basket bag all summer, I'm really into these chic bags for fall

It's meeeeeeee

My favorite accessory all year 'round

How to achieve the elusive 'no-makeup' look, with just 10 products (actually really helpful - now I want this)

Pretty little handmade earrings


Rita Tocta said...

Woa I had no idea Etsy was making such big cuts :O I also didn't knew you worked there (I thought you were at Free people! L. You probably already know this but have you've checked the job board at Design Love Fest? You're super talented I'm sure something better will come but yes I understand the anxiety :( good luuuccckk! All the best! Rita

Orchid Grey said...

Thank you so much Rita! It's a difficult thing to talk about but yes, lots of dramatic cuts, and I want to acknowledge it in the event someone is going through something similar - it's rough. I'm still at FP as a freelancer - but I really do need to update my info on here! Thank you so much for the kind words and for reminding me about the DLF job board! xoxo

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