Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Uplifting Quartz-Charged Rose Spray

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Life has been tumultuous lately. The combination of yet another high summer in sweaty Philadelphia (although it's been blissfully cooler the past couple of days) and being elbow-deep in a job search has left my mind reeling with all the options that are suddenly at my fingertips while simultaneously wiping sweat from my brow... and I've needed some grounding. Ok, a lot of grounding. Be forewarned if you ever find yourself unlucky enough to be caught in a conversation with me, don't ask me how I'm doing. Anyway. This is where this spray comes in. I typically burn incense and PF Candle Co. candles throughout the year to add a little fragrance to my apartment, but lately it's been too humid for smokey incense and too hot to think about lighting a candle. Plus, a spray like the one here can be used to scent towels, sheets, and even yourself if you feel like it. It's simple to whip up and relatively cheap. The added quartz crystals are, of course, optional - but I need all the good vibes I can get right now so it's CRYSTALS IN EVERYTHING, all hands on deck.

What's in it:

Rose essential oil: Rose oil works similarly, helping to boost mood, ease stress and anxiety, and lift your mood.

Geranium essential oil: Geranium oil is thought to help the adrenal glands and balance hormones, fight stress, and help with feelings of depression.

Cedarwood essential oil: Thought to improve focus and mental function.

Quartz crystals: Thought to improve mood and energy, clears negativity. Can be added to baths, water, kept close to other crystals to amplify their energy, or kept in your pocket as a touchstone.

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You'll need:
2-4 oz. glass spray bottle
Rose water
Witch hazel, rubbing alcohol, or vodka (really)
Rose essential oil
Geranium essential oil
Cedarwood essential oil
Optional: Small quartz crystals, washed and charged

To make:

1. Fill glass spray bottle 3/4 to the top with rose water. The bottle I reused is a recycled glass B12 vitamin spray bottle, but they are also easy to find via Etsy and Whole Foods. Dark glass is best to protect the oils.

2. Add a splash of witch hazel, rubbing alcohol, or plain old vodka. This will help preserve the scent and make it linger just a little longer after you spray it.

3. Add essential oils. I used 2 drops of cedarwood, 4 drops of geranium, and 5 drops of rose.

4. Drop in charged quartz crystals before adding the cap. Shake well before using.

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Brian W. said...

I absolutely love this, thank you for sharing! I've been dabbling recently into taking fresh herbs and making my own infused oils and smudge sticks. It's always nice to see recipes for things like this, taking the naturally good energies mother earth gives us and putting good intentions into them to create something magical! Many blessings to you, Namaste!

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