Thursday, April 13, 2017

Nature Looks Good on You: Drifter Organics

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I've been a fan of natural bath and beauty products for awhile now, I've spoken of it before and even quite recently, but it wasn't until last year that using simple, all-natural products became less of an interest and more of a necessity. See, in 2016 I joined the ranks of the blessed many that experience eczema on a frequent basis. Yay! Actually it's the worst. Characterized by dry, itchy, red patches on the body, eczema is not only painful, but also unsightly. Besides my face breaking out from time to time, my skin had always been pretty friendly and accepting of whatever I put on it. I'd never really given much thought to it and just sort of went about my business. Until suddenly I was prescribed a steroid cream to take care of the skin condition that popped up out of nowhere one day - a steroid cream I really didn't want to rely on. Remembering an interview and tutorial I did awhile back with my friend Caroline for Free People where she spoke of her own struggles with her skin, I recommitted myself to only using all-natural products, especially oils, on my body.

And why on earth did I ever stray? Oils have worked wonders on my face, and for body, I absolutely love how nourished and hydrated my skin looks and feels after I slather it on post-shower, and best of all, I seem to be experiencing fewer flare-ups. Nature really does work wonders. Until recently I'd been using straight-up coconut oil from the jar and still reach for it from time to time, but then I got my hands on these body butters from Drifter Organics. And you guys. Heaven. It's no coincidence that these products would help with my skin issues. Drifter Organics was founded by Micaela Hoo, whose blog Oh My Drifter I've been following for what seems like forever, and her mom, Dawn Marie. Micaela has dealt with her own autoimmune issues (detailed on their site), which is what lead her to create her own body products -- and eventually found Drifter Organics -- in the first place. Made with natural, nourishing ingredients like shea butter, avocado oil, jojoba oil, safflower seed oil and vitamin E, the products easily melt into skin, and, depending on the scent, the blend of essential oils all come with their own unique benefits. My favorite is Serenity Now - Seinfeld references aside (which I also love), the combination of lavender and frankincense calms my skin, smells amazing and helps me fall asleep at night. For days when I shower in the morning and will be following up with a fragrance, I turn to the unscented Basic, and all other occasions lead me to the limited edition Barefoot in the Park, a fresh scent that's perfect for spring and summer. After using them for a few weeks, my skin feels smoother and more hydrated, eczema flare-ups have chilled a little, and the extra hydration makes the colors in my tattoos pop.

Now that winter weather is finally over, I'm hoping that the combination of quality products, a cleaned up diet and more exposure to sunlight will help my skin even more. Plus, I love how hydrated my legs look after I use a good-quality body butter, it takes at least some of the self-consciousness out of baring a little more come spring and summer.

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Big thanks to Drifter Organics for the chance to become addicted to their products. All opinions are my own.


Nora Gouma said...

Great post, sound such good products as well, I love to try one of them pretty soon. Thank you for sharing!!!


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