Thursday, April 28, 2016

5 Easy Ways to Update Your Wardrobe This Spring

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This year, for the first time in what seems like forever, it actually feels like we're getting a real, true spring. Cooler days, interspersed with temps reaching the high 70s, spring flowers lingering on the trees, and April making good on its reputation for 'April showers' (it's been so rainy!). Rather than just jumping right into summer maxi dresses and easy, breezy fabrics, I've actually been delving into spring style this year, and thinking of ways to make the transition from cold to warm weather a little easier. Here in the Northeast, I've never thought it necessary to have a full spring wardrobe, the change of seasons is usually so drastic that 'spring' is about two weeks long, going from snowy days to 80% humidity in no time flat, but, like I said, this year is different, and it's been necessary to actually think about spring style, rather than just biding my time.

Regarding the trends I've seen pop up this spring, there are two things I'm especially appreciative of:

1. Comfort is back in the form of sneakers and looser silhouettes.


2. With a few tweaks, it's fairly easy to make pieces currently hanging in your closet feel fresh again, either with a simple DIY or just rethinking the way you wear it.

Below are a few ways I'm updating my closet for the current weather. Perfect for the cooler days we've been having and super easy to transition with lighter pieces once the temperature inevitably skyrockets in like, five days:

Add one awesome accessory: After years of over-accessorizing, I've been paring back with just a couple of rings, a favorite bracelet, or just a lace tied around my neck. Spring and summer are a time to go minimal. You don't want to be weighed down by too much jewelry or a heavy handbag when the temperature is warm and adventure is calling. Keep it simple and let one great piece compliment and elevate the rest of your look, I recently picked up the arrowhead necklace pictured above from Moorea Seal, and love it paired with white-on-white jeans and a tee and black boots.

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Embrace a new silhouette: I don't know about you, but lately I just haven't had the energy for skinny jeans. Know what I mean? The thought of wrangling myself into tight denim just isn't my thing these days, which has turned out to be a really good thing! The variety of silhouettes available lately for denim and beyond means experimenting with different shapes is easier than ever. Loose denim, until recently, reminded me a little too much of my slouchy high school self, but after purchasing a couple pairs of Levi's, I'm all in. I especially love the Wedgie Icon and 501 CT cuts, they're so flattering, so comfortable and work with both flats and heels, depending on your mood. While you're at it, grab a pair of flares, you won't be sorry. Avoid feeling like a high schooler by pairing them with low-heeled boots, a simple top, and minimal accessories.
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Grab some sneakers: Holy jesus am I happy sneakers are a thing. I mean, not that they were never a thing, but their popularity means that the options on hand are seemingly endless and readily available. I just picked up a pair of checkered Vans, and can't wait to pair them with jeans now, and simple dresses and skirts later. Also, now's your chance to finally get those shell toes you always wanted in high school, but could never afford (or was that just me??). Either way, sneakers-with-everything, and my feet have never been happier.
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Go off-the-shoulders: I love how an off-the-shoulder top or dress instantly adds intrigue to virtually any outfit. It's an easy look to pull off, and the interest added by bared shoulders means the rest of the outfit can be left pretty minimal. Maybe tie a bandana around your neck, maybe add a pretty choker. Whether you do or not, you'll still look great.
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Fray your hems: Yes, frayed hems have been a thing for awhile now, but if you're not digging the ultra-distressed look or are just sick of a too-long hem, this might be the cheapest and most interesting way to solve a common problem. I recently hacked off the hem of a shirt that felt a bit too 'maternity' to me, and I love the flared, slightly cropped look I ended up with. Fraying the hems of your jeans also means you can get the exact length you're looking for, no guesswork.
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Stefanie Meier said...

The off the shoulder trend is amazing
Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin'

Katrine said...

Yes! All about the comfortable items and flares! Found mine in the clearance section of the Gap and I couldn't be more excited to revisit my 10-year old self's dream of bell-bottoming it around the office

Liz Lauren said...

great tips

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