Sunday, March 13, 2016

Here & There 3.12

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[true story]

Happy weekend! What do you have planned? We're expecting company next weekend, so lots of spring cleaning to do and projects to be finished around here. Also, celebrating the sudden burst of spring flowers!

Love this gorgeous handmade amethyst necklace. I keep a chunk of amethyst in my pocket when I travel, this is way prettier.

This vintage tunic would be perfect for festival season (wishing I was at SXSW this week)

How to live wisely

Etsy love: This perfect western planter, this stunning moon necklace, these great shoes (um, and these), these rad deadstock sunglasses, these awesome party pins (I like that they're an alternative to the enamel pins), this amazing hanging chair

The best surfer in Brazil isn't pretty enough to get sponsored (or, a story that will make you mad)

This speaker is so cute (and would look perfect in my kitchen)

Would love to write in this gorgeous notebook

Pretty shoes for spring (loving these sandals too)

Oh man, guys... this video! My heart!

So obsessed with this jacket - wouldn't it look great thrown over a breezy white dress with these shoes?

How gorgeous is this dress?! Ugh, would be so pretty for a spring wedding

This bra would look so pretty peeking out from a button-up top

A Missouri senator lead a 39 hour filibuster against an anti-gay bill

Love these 70s-inspired pieces

The most amazing political gif (check the bottom right)


Dressed With Soul said...

Yes, the jacket would be perfect with a breezy white dress!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Jessica Tremblay said...

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Britsky said...

I had no idea such a wonderful creature existed - Schoola certainly looks amazing! Sending the link to everyone I know (and probably some I don't ...) locally. Thank you!

Alishah Shah said...

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