Monday, January 11, 2016

WORN: Vintage Velvet

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Get the look: Vintage jacket (similar - on sale) // Choies top // J. Brand Jeans (styles here) // Madewell boots (similar) // Moorea Seal Poncho (worn as scarf) // Vintage Hat (similar)

Finding a gorgeous vintage piece for under $10 is just so satisfying. I learned to savor that satisfaction from a young age from my mother and her friends, who to this day are always good to offer up an 'ohh' and 'ahh' when presented with a particularly choice Salvation Army find. Admittedly, for a variety of reasons I've been light in the thrifting department over the past year and a half. Back in Pittsburgh it was a weekend staple, a chance to explore beyond city limits when I didn't have any other reason or purpose for doing so. The special pieces I've found over the years have rounded out my wardrobe in a way that new items just can't compare to. Vintage is a compliment. It's always been my way of setting my wardrobe apart.

So this year a big goal of mine has been to shift my focus back to vintage and thrifted styles. I'll still buy new, sure, when I need a staple here and there. But after an epically fruitful thrift trip with Ashley over the holidays where I basically just bought a bunch of jackets, I've fallen back in love. And this particular jacket was my tipping point. Quilted silk velvet, lined with Chinese brocade and adorned with intricate frog buttons. It's unlike anything I own and the perfect way to take an otherwise classic look to the next level.


April Onebane said...

Totally agree. I do buy new from time to time if I get anxious for an item and don't want to wait to find it but I reclaimed my love for thrifting last year and now can't stop! Excited to see what you find. The coat is gorgeous!

Kathleen Weaver said...

These photos just scream Charles Dickens story in the best way! And I'm right there with you on the thrifting. I love altering thrifted pieces just to add my own spin, but sometimes you find gems that are perfect as they are like your velvet jacket. Awesome find!

Gwen said...

Oh my gosh, you look so Parisian and effortlessly chic! That jacket was the find of the century, seriously. Also, how long is your hair now?! Loving the length, and the layers (are they new?).

isobel said...

that looks soo cosy! it's really lovely and I like the hook and eye details! xx

isobel's personal style blog

Adele Miner said...

Leather is my absolute favourite, so naturally I love the jacket! x

Kristie Glenn said...

Love this look and leather is the best! 😉


Laura M said...

What a great find! I love the detailing on the closures in front!

She Likes to Shop

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