Friday, January 15, 2016

Here & There 1.15

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What a week guys. Frankly, I'm glad it's over. The news of David Bowie's passing first thing Monday morning made for a rather gloomy, downtrodden few days. Even the BBC reporter seemed skeptical of whether the news of his death was true or not. But it was, and I'd say the only upside was hearing his music everywhere over the past several days. In Philly, all over New York, all across the internet. Wherever I went, there it was, causing me to linger just a bit longer in shops and cafes. He meant something different to everyone, which makes sense considering his constant reinvention and multiple personas. Bowie was larger than life, which is perhaps why his death came as such a shock. Could someone of his caliber actually succumb to something so mundane as death? I wrote something a bit more eloquent here, but you get me. And then Alan Rickman. And this, not two weeks after Lemmy. Three idols, gone. So HAPPY Friday, guys! Haha. Someone please rescue me from this Bowie-hole I've clearly fallen into.

Now that I have us all feeling shiny and happy -- what do you have planned for the weekend? Chris has a rare weekend day off tomorrow, so we're planning to go somewhere outside of the city. I could stand a change of environment, and it's been a minute since we've done anything beyond the outskirts of Philly.

All hail Jess, queen of vintage... I mean, this might just be the raddest vintage kimono ever

Completely obsessed with... these rad enamel pins (need those lips), these incredible hair accessories (that antler crown! the feather barrette!), everyday classics, and some gorgeous jewels.

Starman, a playlist

You guys - Free People SALE is on SALE (like, major): Take an extra 40% off through monday. My picks: This chambray jacket (I have it, so warm), and this sweater.

These modern cross stitches are so cool!

These are the cutest lace-up heels... love these too

The Guerilla Girls were on the Late Show and it was fantastic

This would make a gorgeous (and wearable!) bridesmaid dress

Love this gorgeous kimono jacket... and this gorgeous white dress (so perfect for a chill bride or spring date night!)

There's a new Degrassi. And I'm really excited. (have you ever watched the absolute original? It's amazing)

A Stevie Nicks-approved necklace

Yum - these look amazing

Um, hi. This is the cutest.

I just ordered this cookbook - have you tried it? I'm obsessed with this recipe.

This story about a British woman and her Syrian lodger was really interesting

A great bag for a weekend away

10 ways you're making you life harder than it has to be


Bridget said...

Ahhhh that kimono is straight out of Miss Fisher's closet. I love it.

Carmen Varner said...

Today was a strange week indeed. It was full of emotion & work. Happy weekend! :]

// ▲ ▲

Dylana Suarez said...

Love everything you linked :)


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