Friday, January 8, 2016

Here & There 1.8

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It's Friday, friends. Saturday Jr. What do you have planned for the days to come? Chris and I will be making good on one of my goals for 2016 and doing laundry in a timely manner (whoo!) and going to the grocery store. It's another weekend where he has a crazy schedule (renaissance man that he is, he's now working as a butcher at a store here in Philly) so we're getting quality time where we can - groceries, laundry, Netflix in bed. I actually love going to the grocery store, so many possibilities! I'm hoping to do some meal prep with our winnings on Sunday and am planning to make a big batch of carrot-ginger juice to use in smoothies and then a big batch of grain-free carrot-ginger muffins with the juice cast-offs (I hate throwing away all that pulp). I also have "get library card" on my to-do list. There's a library branch super close to our house, it's silly that I've waited this long.

After stressful December, I love how free and clear January feels. It's the perfect time to chill, maybe get organized (I've decided I'll clean one closet per weekend this month), and work on goals set for the new year. I hope your weekend is a good one!

How dreamy is this vintage fringed suede jacket?

On my must-have list for January: A really great hat, the perfect loafers, cozy pajamas, and a carryall bag.

10 non-fiction books to start the year off right

Ugh, I love the trim on this coat so much!

I want this. Scratch that... I need this t-shirt

I think my desk needs this gem speaker

A silly birthday card... and a patch I think I need

How to deal with the post-vacation blues (I got 'em)

Why not send someone a compliment today?

I know it's January, but... wouldn't this dress be perfect to wear to a spring wedding?

What a gorgeous photo series

This skirt is the antidote to all those button-up minis

Germany has a bicycle highway!

These handmade earrings are so cute - the perfect Valentine's gift!

Ohh I bet this scrub is perfection!


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