Sunday, November 1, 2015

Here & There & Happy November

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Happy November! Whew... did you have a good Halloween? We're still recovering, but ours was really fun this year. As always, our costumes were last minute (I was a cat and Chris was either John Lennon or a fisherman, depending on who you asked - you can see a pic here), but that's half the fun. Someday we'll plan in advance. We went to a few parties and are looking forward to just hanging out today, you know, laundry, groceries, and otherwise readying our space for the coming month. I'm really excited for November, this past month was so busy between Austin City Limits, my brother visiting, and other obligations, I'm looking forward to having some time to just chill out before the holidays hit. What are you looking forward to this month?

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Um, hi. Is this not the most perfect sweater or what?

How gorgeous is this branch hair clip?

More Etsy loves: these minimal hoop earrings, these pretty heart bowls (and this one too), this gorgeous sweater coat, this cute knit hat

Obsessed with this haircut

What a gorgeous coat. Love this one and this one too.

Obsessed with black Chelsea boots lately - love these options

Cat hacks! #15 actually works

Love these cute shoes

This outfit of Jen's looks so comfy - that sweater!

These books are perfect for travel

5 ways to conquer daylight savings time

This blanket is so beautiful!

I'd love to hang these ornaments on our tree this year

These pumpkins would make a great Thanksgiving centerpiece

What a crazy story


Liz Lauren said...

omg the cat hacks!

Caitlyn S. said...

I have been obsessed with black Chelsea boots lately! but I can't find any that are 'perfect' or 'the ones' so I am pretty bummed! our Halloween was good- we took our 9 year old and 2.5 year old daughters out= the older one was Queen Elsa and the baby (this was her first real trick or treat where she walked and did everything like a big girl :( sad but cute) was princess Anna. I was supposed to go as the queen (who they killed off but hey... one can pretend, right?) and hubs was supposed to go as Sven the reindeer but his antlers didn't show up on time so I just didn't go in costume along with him....Usually us girls all go as a theme when he was working and before my baby, me and the older daughter would go as a theme.... oh well, there's always next year. your pic is great, glad you guys had fun~! And I love that sweater and I like the haircut but not on me... no bangs on me.... :)

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