Friday, October 30, 2015

Fall Beauty Favorites

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My makeup routine is fairly straightforward throughout the year, but from season to season I find myself switching out a few products to address weather-specific needs: spring calls for lighter shades, summer a dewy complexion and a lighter touch all around, and for fall and winter, extra hydration and a matte-ified finish. Maybe something a little bolder than usual, too.

I hadn't yet made the summer to fall transition when my stick of Josie Maran concealer ran dry recently, so it was perfect timing when I received a couple of products from Perfekt a week or so later. Since the air is drying out -- though the temperature remains stubbornly warm -- I thought I'd share a bit about my routine these days and what I'm using.
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In order of application:

Acure Organics Seriously Firming Facial Serum: This 'serum' (it's basically an oil) is meant to be worn under the corresponding moisturizer, but I wear it alone at night as an intensive treatment for dry skin, applying it after I wash my face. I've definitely noticed a difference, and I absolutely love how it smells.

Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre: A coworker turned me on to this French moisturizer and after picking up a small tube at a Parisian pharmacy, I swear by the stuff as a day cream. I was happy to find that UO now sells a large tube of it (they sell small sizes as well), which lasts months. This is a French classic, not greasy at all while deeply hydrating and providing a smooth surface for makeup to glide on to. Also, no breakouts! Always a plus.

Perfekt Skin Perfection Gel in Luminous: I tend to keep things pretty simple from day to day on my face, while I'll occasionally wear BB Cream or foundation, I typically reserve those products for the dead of winter when I'm really feeling pallid. This gel goes on smooth and melts into skin, leaving it matte and, well, luminous. It's basically a primer, but can be worn alone to blur or beneath other products. What I love about Perfekt is that the products can really be stretched. One little dab goes a long way.

Perfekt Skin Perfection Conceal in Luminous: A very small dab of this mousse-like product is enough to conceal beneath my eyes, around my nose, a few scars on my chin, and the dark area between my eyes. I'll also pat some on my lids to act as a primer before applying eye shadow. Right now I'm reaching for lighter shades of shadow with metallic touches to pop against my liquid liner.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara: A birthday gift card burning through my pocket is what lead me to this fantastic mascara. I grabbed it in the two pack of mascara and liner (linked here), and both are proving to be fast favorites. I've had issues in the past with mascaras transferring to my under-eye area, but this formula stays put while being relatively easy to remove.

Stila Convertible Color: I picked up several pots of this particular shade while working at J.Crew a few years ago, and I'm on my last pot! I use this exclusively as blush on my cheek bones and down the bridge of my nose to add a little color. The terra cotta-like shade lends a bit of a tan effect, making me feel just a little less pale in the colder months.

NYC Liquid Lip Shine: There's just something about a nude lip + a cat eye that feels so very perfectly retro to me, I'll never give it up. I've been wearing a cat eye since college and I think at this point it's my signature. I recently received this light colored gloss and love how it contrasts with a dramatic eye.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (not pictured): I just grabbed a small vial of this to try this past weekend and now plan on purchasing the larger version. This oil is incredible at removing makeup (including stubburn mascara), dirt, and oil, while rinsing clean. I'll typically do a quick rinse with cleanser on nights after I've worked out, but otherwise this oil rinses right off and you're good to apply moisturizer after patting your face dry.

Also pictured:

Celestite Crystal: Not beauty per-se, but rather something beautiful. I keep a handful of crystals on my nightstand and this is my latest acquisition. I love how crystals infuse a space with organic energy, and Celestite is known to be purifying and meditative, perfect for bringing mindfulness to your fall routine.

Campfire Candle: Oh, this candle! One thing I miss more than anything is having fall campfires in our back yard in Pittsburgh and back home in Maine. This candle brings all those memories right back and alters the mood in our home perfectly. It sits near my crystals and makeup on my nightstand, bringing it's sweet vanilla scent to my space.

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