Thursday, October 29, 2015

Attempts at Autumn

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We were supposed to go hiking last Sunday, instead we slept right through our 6 AM alarms and rose at 9:30. Whoops. Despite our best efforts, sometimes getting out of bed is a feat of strength in and of itself. We were able to salvage the day, however, with an impromptu trip to New Hope and plans of getting over to Bowman's Hill Tower. Thinking this would be straightforward and a nice spot to see some foliage... and free. Nope. Turns out that place is a tourist trap and it costs money. There were people dressed in colonial garb, even. Not exactly what we had in mind. After snapping a few pics of each other and some trees, we got the hell out of there and went for a drive in the country instead while we listened to the Halloween edition of Snap Judgement. A solid day, but definitely not what we expected to end up doing.

Like everyone else on the planet I love fall. I love the cool weather. I love being able to wear boots with just about everything. I love finally being able to wear the cool weather clothes I bought this summer. Like these jeans. The irony isn't lost on me when I say I went all the way to France to find the perfect pair of US-made Levi's. Ha. I've been digging simpler looks lately, especially for when we're just kicking around. Jeans, boots, jacket, with a cool accessory like these polka-dotted glasses from Mooreaseal. I'm obsessed. I have a thing for sunglasses and my girl Moorea's sweet shop is topping my list right now for places to find them. This particular pair exceeded expectations with their neutral, matte shade, solid construction, and I love how the dots are etched - rather than printed - on. Plus they stay on my giant head. Which is always a huge plus.

Get the look: 'Gibson' Sunglasses from, Schott Jacket (similar), Vintage Levi's 501's, Samantha Pleet x Wolverine 1000 Mile boots, J.Crew Tissue Turtleneck