Saturday, October 24, 2015

Here & There 10.24

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Happy Saturday! Can you believe we're almost at the end of October? This year has flown by so quickly, lately I've found myself thinking a lot about what's happened, where I've been, and how much of it never made it onto this blog. Festivals, trips. Sometimes life moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. This weekend though, I'm hoping to slow down. This month has been a busy one, with a trip to Austin at the very beginning, and my brother in town, I just want to chill in Philly for once, enjoy the leaves and the weather. It's finally starting to feel like fall and I love it. Tomorrow we're hoping to hike the Delaware Water Gap and are keeping our fingers crossed for some foliage. What are you up to?

This ring would be a gorgeous alternative wedding ring

Looking for a new winter coat? Because this vintage '60s coat is perfection

All hail Gloria Steinem 

I need some new sweaters in my life! Love this one and this one.

You guys... I'm obsessed with this video

I think I need these sneakers.

Six new bridal trends (+ wouldn't this lace maxi dress be the most gorgeous bohemian wedding dress?)

Well, this made me hella emotional

Etsy faves: this cool marble Macbook sleeve, this DIY kit, these pretty Christmas cards (yes really), these avant garde earrings

Marianne, making me reconsider bangs and Bowie making the case for constant reinvention

I want to read this book

I just bought this candle and it smells amazing

We all need this pin

Confession: I have always loved Barbie and I really like the direction of the new ad. ("knees up, like a unicorn" is my new fitness mantra)

Sale time! Save an extra 40% off final sale styles at J.Crew - perfect time to grab a gorgeous fall jacket and stock up on tees

You guys, Gilmore Girls is coming back. If only to see Luke in that hat one more time...


bshujewelry said...

It's seriously crazy how fast time flies! But this is the best time of the year. Cozying up at home, colorful leaves perfect for a nice walk outside and all the festivities still ahead.

Nora Gouma said...

Great post, amazing collections as well, I love the butterflyring, looks awesome and cute. Thank you for sharing!!!


Martha said...

 I always love the images you share.

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