Sunday, August 9, 2015

Here & There 8.9

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How was your week? Mine was... long, and I'm happy (oh, so happy) it's the weekend. After a chill day yesterday, Chris and I are headed out for a hike today in an attempt to shake off a little stress. Hope your Sunday is beautiful!

How pretty is this vintage crochet shawl?

Seriously pretty hair inspiration

Really digging classic white and black shoes for late summer, love these options

What to do with all those summer tomatoes

This little moon-shaped planter is so cute!

#ILookLikeanEngineer - loved this story

I'd love to hang this light over our bed

Yum - I want to make these tahini cookies

The perfect booties for fall

This made me laugh... like, really hard

How cozy is this summer-weight sweater? So good for an evening at the beach.

Another recipe, because why not. But yum.

The perfect dress for a late summer wedding guest

UO's bath & body section is NEXT. LEVEL.

It's official... all of my links are food related.


Liz Lauren said...

you always find the best links

Brittany PG said...

Can we start a hashtag for those in the humanities? I am tired of people thinking historians are old men in stuffy offices. #IAmAHistorian.

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