Thursday, August 6, 2015

Still Summer

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Guys, it's still summer. Hot, humid, sweaty, glorious summer. I'm trying my best to bask in this 90+ degree heat, because I know seven or eight months from now I'll be shivering and cursing the fact that I remain rooted in such a fickle climate. I'm beginning to see the appeal of LA. But let's be real, I'm a born and bred New Englander and as such, complaint is in my blood.

While the temperature sits firmly planted near the triple digits, I've been turning to outfits like this one in an attempt to keep my body at an agreeable level of comfort while also maybe looking cute. Also helpful: the green leafyness (not a word, let's pretend) of West Philly. Chris and I looked at this neighborhood during our relocation and really fell in love, especially with the way it reminded us both of Beverly and our neighborhood in Pittsburgh. The big old houses, wildflowers spilling from the sidewalks, and big, expansive porches. Ultimately we landed in South Philly, but when a friend's yard sale beckoned us close to Clark Park, we took the opportunity to explore a bit. Just long enough to stop sweating before heading back to the frying pan that is the rest of urban Philadelphia at the height of summer. Happy August, friends.

Get the look: Asos dress (c/o) // Lack of Color Hat // Free People sunglasses (find them here) // Free People sandals (options here) // Vintage bag (similar) // Vintage bracelet // Self-made necklace (similar)


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