Wednesday, July 15, 2015

En Scene

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Let's not pretend this outfit hasn't been worn before, but a good thing is a good thing and in my weakened state (hello, annual summer cold) my mind turned to "hey, maybe getting dressed will make me feel better." It didn't, but I felt cute despite my severe congestion and general crappyness (that's a word, right? Please pretend it is). I love the pairing of this top and skirt, and the addition of black lace-up sandals makes the whole thing feel more complete than my old brown pair, summer perfection.

If there's one thing I'm terrible at (lies, I'm terrible at a lot of things) it's taking care of myself when I'm sick, especially in the summer. My mind is all "it's so nice out! Why do you feel so crappy, body? Let's do stuff!" and my body's all "I hate you." Despite Chris' pleas for me to take a nap, I force myself to stay awake, against better judgement. And yes, I'm that person. I'm that person who drags herself to work with a cold. I know. Not only setting an awful example but eventually having to admit defeat and drag myself back home (this has happened twice this week). So... I need to get better at this. Because it's no way to live. Any tips?

Get the look: Thrifted top (similar) // Madewell skirt // Free People sandals (options here) // Vintage necklace // Vintage bag // Vintage bracelet 


Kitsune-kun said...

cute cute cute you stunner!

e.m. ricchini said...

Love this look, especially that top! I totally understand the whole summer cold thing. I ONLY get sick in the summer and it sucks. Eat lots of soup and feel better!

Liz Lauren said...

love this skirt and how you styled this look

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Liv said...

Love your summer style.


Destrehan's Daughter said...

I make sure to have a series of shows on the DVR for days when I need to be home. I also save special soups and stuff so it's more appealing to be home even though it's more fun to be out and about. Feel better.

Midge Blitz said...

I looove this color combination. And for me, a full day in bed with netflix (or what have you) does wonders.

Gwen said...

Aw no, I hope you feel better! I've got a similar summer cold going on right now, and it is the pits. Sometimes you just have to step back and let your body recover. Maybe you could get remote access and do a little bit of working from home, if that'd make you feel less bad? But just a little bit!

Anyway, this outfit is the cutest. Serious skirt envy going on here!

lyzi said...

Glad getting dressed made you feel better! You look amazing - I love this outfit so much!

Kara Tedder said...

Hope you feel better soon! Miso soup makes me feel better anytime. Kara :)

Alyaka | Niche Fragrances said...

I love your look! The skirt is so fashionable, I also love its color. Simple and yet stylish, those are the things that make me love your outfit. By the way, those shoes are also perfect! Thanks for sharing!

Life's a shoe said...

nice outfit! I really love your skirt!


Kristie Glenn said...

Perfect Summer look!


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