Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Your True Self Shines Through

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When it comes down to it, I'll always be a jeans and teeshirt woman. As much as I love fashion, I can't escape 16 year old me and her penchant for what's easy. Every day spent in heels is tempered with two days (or five) wearing Birkenstocks. For every day spent in a dress, there's the relief that comes with slipping on the most amazing pair of jeans, a favorite jacket, the perfect pair of boots, and a hat to cover up a week's worth of unwashed hair (really). Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to lead that Instagram-worthy life of clean lines and white space. Peonies, while I love them, just aren't feasible with a cat who insists on tasting everything in sight, the walls in my small apartment aren't stark white, and I prefer secondhand furniture to new. I'm not knocking those who have these things and live that life, but rather, I've come to accept that that's not me. The undone and eclectic is my destiny, and that's entirely OK.

On this particular day, I had had a rough day at work but loved how I felt in this outfit, which is why I asked Chris to take my picture. This is how I choose what to photograph for my blog... it all depends on how I feel. Sometimes I feel great, and sometimes I feel as though the bags beneath my eyes would need to be checked. I think we can all relate to that.

Get the look: Free People Top (from a sample sale) // Citizens Jeans // Schott Jacket // Frye Boots (check out a few more favorite boot options here) // Vintage Justin Belt // UO Ring // Vintage Hat // Heyoka Leather Earrings


Anonymous said...

guys, thats not a schott jacket she linked too.
Please link to exact items.

Nikki Williams said...

gorgeous photos! love those boots

xx nikki

Orchid Grey said...

Anon - I liked to a similar item that is in the same price range I paid for it from the store I bought my jacket from, as the exact piece is no longer available. Since it's not always possible to link to the exact item (i.e. vintage, OOAK pieces, and older or sold-out items) I link to similar to so readers who are interested can get the look themselves.

That said, if you're looking for Schott, here's a similar style from that brand:

Nikki - Thank you!

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